Gaming | Trailblazers of STEAM | Karlie Kloss

Gaming | Trailblazers of STEAM | Karlie Kloss
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    KARLIE VO The video gaming industry is the fastest growing
    industry in entertainment.
    Today, i'm on my way to Activision Headquarters in Santa Monica, California to meet with engineer,
    Ifedayo Isibor to learn about her work creating one of the most popular video games in the world.
    DAYO I am originally from Nigeria.
    I do art and programming, so we're kind of like the intermediaries between the engine
    programmers and the artists.
    KARLIE You can speak both the artist's language
    and you can speak the engineer's language.
    DAYO It's such a technical process.
    It's such a creative process.
    Working on a game like Infinite Warfare, is like working on a movie except it's interactive.
    You know, you get to affect the story.
    I've been a gamer since I was a kid, but those didn't seem like careers I could get
    I think possibly because I was in Nigeria and a lot of people are doctors, lawyers,
    engineers, architects.
    I was exposed to a lot of art and math, those were my favorite subjects growing up.
    And I didn't really think about any of those influences until I got to university where
    I was supposed to be studying architecture and within 8 days I decided, "Hey, I don't
    want to do that." So I went into computer engineering.
    By that point I was already a teaching assistant for like a java class.
    I would have people that would come up to me and they didn't realize I was the TA
    standing up there.
    They weren't expecting a woman.
    KARLIE Were there a lot of women in that class?
    DAYO No, not many.
    They had a certain idea of what a computer scientist major looked like.
    KARLIE They have the wrong stereotype, the wrong idea
    in their head.
    DAYO I enjoy surprising people
    KARLIE I like surprising people, too.
    Do you think that it's important to have diversity of thought at the table of the team
    that's building these games?
    DAYO It's definitely important.
    You want to have every voice represented as much as you can.
    You know, to reflect the world that we're living in. If you only have one voice, then
    you have a very vanilla game.
    KARLIE Dayo, what advice would you give a creative young
    woman, who might be interested in code?
    DAYO Go after that one idea that seems really crazy
    to you.
    You don't have to do things the same way that everybody does.
    It's fun to surprise people, cause then you can inspire others.
    KARLIE Dayo is a pioneer working behind the curtain
    to bring these games to life.
    But once released, who plays them?
    What's the community like?
    JUSTINE My name is Justine Ezarik and I make videos
    for the internet.
    KARLIE Was there a pivotal moment in your life when
    your realized the potential of the gaming industry?
    JUSTINE So when I was in high school, we used to have
    "LAN" parties which is a local area network.
    And back then, the internet wasn't this crazy thing that we could all play video games
    We would bring all of our computers to one person's house and we would play games.
    I've always had friends that played games that were girls.
    So when everyone's like, "Oh you're a girl gamer, that's so weird." Well that's not weird to me.
    In highschool, I got really into coding.
    One of my instructors, he noticed that I was spending so much time on the front end design
    of the programs I was creating, that I ended up helping everyone else out in the class.
    I said, "Now let's make these look pretty" and that was something that I really really
    I said, "Yeah, I think that's more fun."
    He said, "You can become a graphic designer and like work with designers and programmers
    to create as well.
    There are huge teams that go into making these things.
    As I got older, you know, realizing there is developers and there are these huge massive
    companies that are creating these things.
    That could be a field to go into.
    So, from there I started getting into web development and making videos and things like
    Which ultimately, that lead me to here where I am more of a designer, video creator, but that original
    love was because I wanted to make things.
    I just love video games because they can kind of transport you into this other world.
    It's incredible to see these other designers be able to make something so realistic from
    the design to the sound to the voice acting.
    And, it's sort of an expression or an extension of yourself, so you do want to be able to feel
    yourself in those characters.
    I think, you know, it is a big responsibility for the game creators.
    KARLIE VO As this industry continues to grow, the
    inclusion of the female perspective is vital.
    Let's shine light on all the trailblazers working to enact change and inspire others.
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