Erie Insurance Golden Stories Compilation

Erie Insurance Golden Stories Compilation
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    Freeh Family's Story
    You could hear the trees hitting the house. It was unbelievably loud.
    And then seconds later, it was silent.
    I felt terrified.
    I was trying to get all of the kids into a safe place.
    Bill & Judy's Story
    My husband, being a light sleeper, woke up at 4:30 with a big boom.
    He ran outside and saw flames shooting out of the top of our house
    So he said, "Oh my gosh, our house is on fire, call 911."
    Joe's Story
    Yah, I could see through the trees a huge glow.
    The entire building, from one end to the other, was on fire.
    I started this business in 1980.
    A lot of things have occurred over those 30-plus years were in the building.
    It was all there. It was all burning.
    Susan & Al's Story
    We were traveling through central Florida
    while all of a sudden this large bird
    takes off straight at us.
    I didn't really see it until the bird hit the windshield.
    But it flew off with the mirror on its head.
    Then it was gone and so was our mirror.
    Erie Insurance called us and says, "Erie will cover
    the cost of the mirror, and overnight shipping.
    Next morning we were on the road.
    Mr. Freeh: I immediately called Erie, and we had a crane in our driveway the very next
    day removing the trees from our property.
    Joe: At three o'clock in the morning we were able to talk to a person.
    Mrs. Freeh: Our agent and his wife and their sons were over here helping us.
    Bill: Anything we had concerns about were addressed immediately.
    I felt at that moment like, "Yeah, everything's being taken care of."
    Joe: Facilities for the employees are better than they were previously.
    Mr. Freeh: There was never a sense they were going to question putting the house back together
    in a better condition.
    Judy: It was the best outcome possible.
    Mrs. Freeh: Throughout this whole process,
    Erie's number one priority was to make sure
    that our family was taken care of.
    Things may happen again. I don't have to worry.
    If anything happens, I know it's going to be taken care of, and that's a huge comfort.
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