Ep. 8 Moving Out | Day in the Life at SDState

Ep. 8 Moving Out | Day in the Life at SDState
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    We got this. Alright, so today or this week I should say is finals week so
    we're gonna go ahead and take you along on our little extravaganza of moving out
    of our college dorm. See how this is gonna go. Let's get rid of this piece. I
    agree. Yeah look how disgusting it. There's a penny there, I need that. So me and Jake don't want the futon. And thank
    goodness my brother still lives in Brookings. So city-wide cleanup.
    We're just gonna dump it here. Jacob how does it feel? Relaxing.
    Goodbye college Futon!
    So there goes the first futon I've ever owned for college.
    I won't miss it at all. Holy crap, this is actually kind of gross. oh man.
    It didn't work. What? The trash bags. So there's
    multiple things that everyone needs to do when they are moving out. One of them
    being setting up a checkout time and other things being cleaning your dorm and
    getting it back to how it was when you first started the semester. So that's a lot
    to do. The biggest piece of the puzzle is missing we put it we we got rid of the
    futon. So, no worries about that. So what's left is vacuuming and mopping and getting rid
    of the carpet and moving the beds down and putting the dressers back to where
    they were, but we can't quite do that until tomorrow 5:00 to 7:00 because
    right now, it is finals week is 24 hours 24-hour quiet hours and we gotta respect
    that because people are either sleeping or studying and whatnot. So yeah after
    that we got to unplug the fridge. I'll probably catch up with you guys tomorrow
    then when we're doing that.
    So we got a little bit of an issue because we don't know how to get his bed
    frame down here. She's not gonna fit, so we're gonna go ahead and just set the
    camera down and see if we figure it out within the next like a minute and a
    We got it alright, this is our new setup for the rest of the weekish. We're
    gonna bunk our beds together have a bunk bed and when the time comes we'll move
    the dressers back and then we'll pack up the TV, microwave, fridge and head out I
    also have like the world's messiest desk, so I'm gonna go ahead and clean that out
    too. Oh boy.
    You could have asked us what we are doing, but we really have no idea. I've recruited some help to help me move everything because this is actually
    quite in the same process. But the thing is you can't really get those out this is
    nuts. You ready to get this to that side. I'm
    not filming. Redo. Oh okay go this is absolutely insane down to the fifth
    fourth or fifth wrong in the bottom box. What else we got? Hi! Have a great summer! Thank
    you. You too buddy have a good summer.
    That dude, he's gonna have a great summer. Right there!
    So is she. Back here
    What did you do down there? I don't know. This is yeah, Keanu, you sweep that up.
    I'm confused and how it's so dirty back here honestly, honestly these are chores
    that I should have been doing like every week anyways, but that happens when you never never leave your
    room for a semester, two semesters. Yeah you live in your learn right? 32 weeks.
    Keanu's leg is a Clorox wipe yo. Look at that those launders dude. Let me see
    that you got to make the most of what you got.
    Hello! Keanu!
    I'm starting to regret setting up the room the way we did. Hey guys! Have a good summer. I'm Alex.
    I know you! Yeah, his name's Keanu! Keanu! Say hi. Hi. Guys we've done it, we've done
    the room is exactly how it's supposed to be. It only took like a lot of days. Like four days total, but we
    got it.
    Looks like I finally got everything in my car. All I got left are three finals
    and then actually checking out of my dorm. I'll catch up with you guys when
    I'm doing the checkouts. Yo I'm impressed this is Thomas's room. It's never looked
    this clean before. Very clean. No uh the past week has come down to this it's
    time to check out, let's go. Yeah I think Jacob leaving around like three so. Well this
    is my bed right here, and that's my desk. We kind of moved everything around
    Ok, yeah. So this is my CA Simpson he's checking my stuff out make sure and
    break anything, cause, oh yeah. that's his job.
    And then also here.
    Alright, well Simpson thanks for uh be my CA this semester yeah, do you want my key? Man
    giving away the Brown key yeah you too. You got the rest it's been a pleasure
    being roommates with you. Yeah, peace out 211. I think it's time for my last final.
    Good Luck. See you at home.
    Well, just finished my last final and with this ice cream here this is the last of my
    flex dollars so that being said I'm officially no longer a freshman here at
    SDSU. Yeah we're gonna head home now and just have a good time over the summer
    thanks for watching these videos and supporting me along the way. It's been
    great this semester and a good experience has been something different and it's
    definitely pushed me it's pushed me creatively. So I'm thankful for
    everything that's happened and yeah so thanks guys.
    Well I can tell you what, the first measure of the summer is. That sunset's
    insane. Tell you what guys, I'm here to stay.
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