El Señor de los Cielos 6 | Capitulo 5 | Telemundo

El Señor de los Cielos 6 | Capitulo 5 | Telemundo
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    That's why we came. To hunt down Aurelio Casillas.
    Rutila, we've been ambushed!
    We don't know who the hell it was!
    Colombians, I think.
    Round up some guys, we're going to war.
    Nobody move!
    Here I am, ------------.
    I'm Aurelio Casillas, and I'm alive.
    You have his location.
    Bring him to me or you're fired.
    -Casillas! -Let's get out of here!
    I want a more formal interview.
    Hey, you two.
    What's up?
    Get out of here.
    Can I count on you for my revenge on Casillas?
    I found you somebody to help with that.
    I have express orders to handle all the exports from Colombia
    into Venezuela.
    Know why I got off the plane?
    I was saved by the need to be with you, Dad.
    I let you go last night. I'm a DEA agent.
    What the hell is going on in Mexico?
    A dead guy threatening the DEA on national TV?
    I'm willing to work as a double agent.
    Take her, but don't kill her. We still need to talk.
    We're going to the mines. I've got a surprise for them.
    You think Javi's alive?
    Several passports, all with different names.
    This is obviously my face,
    but I don't recall any of these names.
    Shoot anything that moves, but Casillas is mine!
    I need to speak to the president of Mexico, is that clear?
    His wounds are opening.
    Do something!
    How could you think I'd meet with a Colombian drug lord?
    You and he would be allies.
    Bring us some Colombian hitmen to exterminate these pests.
    I want that bastard scared ----less!
    Shoot and I swear I'll blow your Susanita's head off!
    You're here for the coltan, right?
    Because I don't believe for a second
    you came here with your daughter
    for payback after Quezada attacked you.
    You came for the coltan.
    We're here for Javier.
    A partner and good friend I've known for years.
    My boyfriend.
    He was on a plane flying here and simply vanished.
    Was there coke on the plane?
    Not at all.
    His trip was for a different purpose.
    Isturiz, please take note of all the flight details.
    With my contacts, finding out what happened should be a snap.
    He wouldn't have just disappeared.
    Having his route will make it easier
    to find out what happened.
    He couldn't have disappeared.
    I like women who're direct.
    Straight shooters like you.
    Right, honey.
    Well, then I believe this is the beginning
    of a beautiful friendship.
    I hope to see you soon in Mexico so I can make this up to you.
    I sure hope so, but take care of yourself first.
    After your appearance on television,
    everyone's got their eye on you,
    especially Havana.
    And we wouldn't want this to end
    before it gets a chance to start.
    A pleasure.
    Dad, you're still mixed up with that DEA broad
    and you're going to get involved with another Venezuelan?
    You want to find Super Javi?
    Has anyone asked about me?
    Who else knows I'm here?
    Nobody, just native peasants.
    We haven't even reported the crashed plane.
    Which all of you pulled me out of, right?
    Yes. There were no other survivors.
    At first, I thought you were dead.
    Just rest.
    Give me these.
    Hey, are you a doctor too?
    I just told you I was a teacher.
    Sorry, but my brain's mush right now.
    I understand.
    I think it was too soon to do this.
    All the same, even though we didn't notify the authorities,
    they'll find out some other way,
    so I think getting you out of here is best.
    There's no reason...
    for you to help me.
    Any of the people in those passports
    could be a criminal.
    I can't guarantee you I'm not.
    You understand what I'm saying?
    Not right now.
    Look, I can see the generosity in your face.
    I can tell you're someone with the capacity for love.
    A bad person isn't capable of it.
    Therefore, you can't be bad.
    My people are good at spotting that.
    Anyway, I'll get you something for your headache
    and tomorrow I'll come get you myself.
    Get some rest.
    We don't want to have to hospitalize him,
    but the infection's spreading and his wounds just opened.
    Get ready, buddy. Pack your bazookas.
    We're going to the mountains to ---- them up!
    Get ready!
    Hey, relax.
    You're safe.
    Just get some rest, homie.
    Will you tell the boss?
    Yeah, I'll tell the boss,
    but he'll want to bring the entire hospital here.
    You know another reason why you should keep your mouth shut?
    You've got a family.
    And us former military men look out for each other.
    I don't know what you're talking about.
    That if you tell Castillo about you and me,
    it's your death sentence.
    I know you live with your mommy,
    and I know you travel often to Patzcuaro
    to visit your aunts Refugio and Mercedes.
    And your cousins.
    They've got a house over there, don't they?
    A humble little house, but nice.
    With its own little pool.
    You wouldn't dare.
    Imagine how empty that house would be
    without people to live in it.
    Because Mayra, the dead don't swim in pools.
    Know what the boss wants?
    He'll talk to you when he gets back,
    but he wants you to talk to your people at the stores.
    Good afternoon, Miss Alba. Pulque.
    What's up, bro?
    Who's this? I've seen him before.
    This is Skinny.
    He worked with your grandson Victor.
    Nice to meet you, ma'am.
    How's Ismael?
    The doctor says if he doesn't get better,
    he'll have to be hospitalized.
    Son of a...
    I'll take care of the stores,
    but everything around here's going to ----, ma'am.
    It's like nobody's running the place.
    Mr. Aurelio has to make clear that they answer to me now.
    I don't like problems.
    Well, tell him yourself when he gets back.
    But whenever he comes back from Colombia,
    he's got a lot on his plate.
    How many people you got?
    Enough, Chata. Enough.
    How could you let them take her?
    How could you?
    How could you not protect her?
    But boss!
    Never again!
    Never again expose me to a situation like that.
    If you and these ------------- want to kill each other
    make sure I'm far from it. I'm leaving.
    No, honey. Don't scare me like that.
    Don't talk to me like that.
    Don't look at me like that, my beautiful little panther.
    Give me a kiss.
    Where's daddy's kiss?
    It's over. It's done.
    It's over.
    So where are we going?
    I don't know.
    How about Leticia?
    To get away from it all and regather.
    But first, I need to know who the bastard is
    whose actions in Mexico I'm getting blamed for.
    Whoever that ------ is is ------- up my life.
    Look at these guys.
    They chose the right jobs for them.
    They asked for the money in advance
    before they started working.
    It's the honorable thing to do.
    I'm going to give you one month's pay,
    and I'm going to pay you for another two months,
    but I'm holding on to that.
    So that if any calamites or complications befall us
    and you don't make it back home,
    I personally deliver the money to your families.
    That's how things work around here.
    You in, friends?
    Yes, Cabo!
    Alright then.
    Hold on, I'm getting a call.
    Mocho will fill you in further. Welcome, welcome.
    What's up, Jaimito? What've you got for me?
    I spoke to the president, and I tried to convince him
    to speak to you,
    but he says he refuses to take orders from anyone else.
    Listen, tell the president,
    who is probably right next to you listening,
    <i> that he missed out</i> <i> on a golden opportunity.</i>
    <i> I was willing to pay him</i> <i> good money for that business,</i>
    but if he doesn't want to, oh well.
    From here on out, you'll have to find me,
    and when things get ugly, who knows?
    Maybe I'll start acting like a little bitch too.
    Hold on, hold on.
    Maybe we can try again.
    I'll talk to him and perhaps make something work.
    Perhaps my ass!
    You didn't get anything done, and you know what?
    If I find out you're following me or that my phone's tapped,
    I'll wipe that puppy dog look off your face
    and shove your teeth up your ass, ------!
    The bastard threatened me!
    Omar, why don't you just talk to him?
    Why not?
    It might be good for us.
    No way, Jaime!
    What if this guy's got something to do with Casillas
    and tries to kill me?
    Hold on.
    Don't tell me the Casillas thing scared you.
    For real?
    Look who's talking, the little fancy boy.
    Wait until there's an attempt on your life
    before you talk.
    What's up with her?
    Wasn't she the boss' new lady?
    Looks like she's on timeout.
    I need her fingerprints.
    What now?
    Ma'am, the tech here needs your fingerprints.
    Place your fingers where I've indicated.
    The boss is going to have a lot of questions.
    What does the name Salma Vidal Fernandez mean to you?
    Cordon off the area!
    I want ten agents combing the first security ring.
    We need reinforcements.
    Elvira, step away. You can't tamper with the scene.
    What do you want?
    I brought you here to thank you and you pull a gun on me?
    Have a drink with me.
    You really are off your rocker.
    Only as much as I need to be.
    I could've killed you, Chema.
    Like I can now.
    How about that? Good thing you didn't.
    Let's end this, Chema.
    What the hell happened?
    Ponce, Lopez, and all his men arrived.
    I don't know how they found out,
    but there's nothing more I can do.
    <i> Please get out of there.</i> <i> Abort the mission.</i>
    I didn't know your connection was that high up.
    Drop the gun, you ------- bitch!
    Or I'll shoot you right here.
    Drop it!
    We'd have to infiltrate that group
    so we wouldn't have to speculate,
    but that'd take months.
    We should start planning it.
    That way, not only would your agent be infiltrated,
    but we'd have another front under control.
    We have several elements of Colombian origin.
    The only problem is they're second generation,
    so their first language is English.
    We'd then have to contact the Colombian office,
    but that could lead to a few leaks.
    We'll bring it up to Joe Navarro when we meet with him.
    Let's see who we've got.
    Maria del Carmen Hernandez.
    Felipe de Gonzalez...
    That's me.
    My name is Salma Vidal Fernandez.
    I don't know.
    I'm trying to remember but...
    I was in jail for drug trafficking.
    How'd you end up with the CIA and then the DEA?
    I don't know!
    I didn't remember any of that.
    I swear.
    There's got to be an explanation.
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