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El Señor de los Cielos 6 | Capítulo 14 | Telemundo

El Señor de los Cielos 6 | Capítulo 14 | Telemundo
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    and is not suitable for minors.
    It contains sex, violence, and inappropriate
    or provocative dialogue.
    Viewer discretion is advised.
    The injured man at your house... could it be him?
    I wasn't completely convinced
    after my conversation with the doctor.
    You know I'd never betray you.
    I'm warning you.
    I can't keep saving your ass with Navarro or Castillo.
    I'm here to work with you...
    Why don't you go back to your country
    and catch those drug lords?
    You know exactly where they are.
    So does your president!
    Well, -------? Who sent you?
    Come on!
    You gotta settle everything that way?
    What'd you think?
    That he was gonna confess in Spanish?
    Obviously not.
    So what are you and I going to do with so much gold?
    I don't know. Let me think it over.
    I could do just about anything with all that gold.

    I'll think it over too.
    Think about what?
    Your deals with those freaking Palestinians?
    You know, your shady dealings.
    I think you and I need to work some things out.

    Yeah, we've got lots to do.
    Listen, we've come real far with this deal.
    I want you to be honest with me.
    Otherwise we'll have lots of trouble.
    What if I bit your lips?

    What if I but a pullet in your head?
    I know you can come up with something better.
    -More creative. -Maybe.
    Listen, I'm good at multitasking.
    I can do many things at once.
    I'm going to make the most of this trip.
    Besides, you told me that yourself
    when we were up there.
    Look, a roll in the hay
    isn't going to distract me from my objective.

    So why don't you tell me what's going on?
    Fine. Here goes.
    Yes, I have to meet with some Palestinians.
    The same ones I spoke to before.
    Might as well see them if I'm in this half of the hemisphere.

    They're in trouble over ties with the government
    thanks to some Syrian jerk.

    Hold on. I don't get it.
    Our dear leader, before dying,
    let this idiot do a bunch of business deals with these guys.
    He was a governor before, now he's a high-ranking civilian.
    Those bastards are all rats.
    You said it, not me.
    Listen, I like doing business.
    I don't like stupid ----
    like bombings and other terrorist crap.
    So don't even go there.

    Relax. Easy.
    No one needs to know we've got the gold.
    Don't bring those guys into the business.
    And relax, I'm not going to involve you in this.
    I just need to call them and see what they need.
    That's all.
    You have my word.
    I won't get you involved, and I'm not lying to you.
    It's very easy to blame others
    when your country's overwhelmed by deaths and missing persons.
    You all don't give a damn about Mexico!

    You're here to see what you can do for your country.
    It's what you always do!
    You find or make up any reason.
    Just like those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
    that never turned up.
    I think we're crossing a line, sir.
    You be quiet! Aren't you Mexican?
    What side are you on?
    You don't need to smooth things over with this -------.
    If you're so proud of your country,
    why do you insult it so?
    I don't offend my country.
    But I will offend your whore of a mother!
    Please calm down, sir.
    Both of you, get out now!
    We'll meet again, Teran.
    No, I doubt that.
    These men are leaving! Come here!
    Get Jaime on the phone.
    Yes, sir.
    This isn't the best time to be linked to Omar.
    We need to take advantage quickly,
    and then you distance yourself.
    A lot of distance.
    All the media talks about is him being done.
    All he does is one stupid thing after another.
    It's impossible to ignore.
    It's not that bad, Dad. They exaggerate.
    Besides, I know how to handle him.
    Remember, it's thanks to Omar that I didn't end up in jail.
    I haven't forgotten, moron.
    What I'm saying is that in a few months
    Omar will practically be a leper.
    Yeah, that's where my amazing dad comes in
    to save his son, right?
    Or are you going to let the hounds that are after Omar
    tear me up as well?
    You know I won't.
    But help yourself, too.
    You too are good friends, but...
    But what?
    I told you, that was fine before.
    The governorship is fine.
    But then you need to break all ties.
    Hello, Mayra.
    Let's go change so we don't attract too much attention.
    You know what?
    You handle the clothes, I'll get us some phones.
    -How much? -500.
    Come on, Aurelio, pick up.
    [Speaking in foreign language]
    Where the hell did you go, Aurelio?
    She's still hot, that girl.
    You'll have to speed up the process, Greñas.
    What's up, Corina? Did you locate Javi?
    <i> I have some coordinates</i> <i> I gave Rutila.</i>
    I called Aurelio to tell him, but someone answered in Turkish.
    Do you know where he is?

    Hey there.
    Dad said he was traveling but he didn't say where.
    You know where he is?
    He didn't say anything to me.
    I'll call Ruti to see if she knows.
    If you find anything out, let me know.
    Did you see Javier? How is he?
    Yeah, he's in better spirits.
    How come... your hair is wet?
    I had time to shower before coming.
    How are you?
    A woman came looking for Javier.
    A woman? Who was she?
    I don't know. She sounded Mexican.
    I took a picture so you could see her.
    She's pretty.
    Yes, she's very attractive.
    But it was interesting that Casasola and Garañon
    were very respectful to her.
    I wonder who she is?
    Well, it seems our Javi's becoming an enigma.
    You're acting strange, Cashi.
    Is there something you want to tell me?
    Did something happen between you two?
    Let's look for the plane!
    Let's find that plane! Bring the GPS.
    Let's go! Everyone in!
    Move it!
    You finally turn up.
    Everything okay, miss?
    Yes, Pompeyo.
    Come on!
    What's up, Isma?
    I'm about to enter the jungle so I won't have any signal.
    Gabriela gave me some coordinates.
    We're hoping Javi's plane is there.
    Good luck with that.

    Hey, do you know anything about Dad?
    No, I haven't spoken to him today.
    Corina called him and some Turkish guy answered,
    something like that.
    I don't know anything about it.
    But I can't deal with that now.
    Keep me posted.
    Alright. I'll work with Greñas here.
    Good luck, sis.
    What's wrong, blondie?
    You look worried.
    Everything alright with your dad?

    Yeah, everything's fine. Let's go.
    Ready? Let's go!
    Come on, let's move out!
    Move out!
    Strange how? What do you mean?
    I don't know. You tell me.
    Maybe you liked this blondie and now you're acting weird.
    Don't turn this around.
    You know me perfectly well.
    So please don't lie to me. And no, I didn't like her.
    I was just telling you what happened while you...
    were showering.
    Babe, come on, don't get that way.
    I love you and I always will.
    Show me the picture.
    Let's show it to Javi and see if he remembers anything.
    What's with me? I used to know every number.
    Now I can't remember any.
    Don't worry. I'll fix that soon.
    Is it true you have a photographic memory?
    Or is that another myth about the Lord of the Skies?
    There's some truth to it.
    It's important to memorize the most important phone numbers.
    Give me a minute and I'll solve your problem.
    He might be your president, but he's an -------!
    I think he's losing it.

    He can't even respect protocol!
    I'm not his biggest fan, but it takes two to tango.
    Don't give me that. You saw him.
    He was drunk and upset.
    Over 100 million Mexicans
    are in that madman's hands.
    I see it was a very fruitful meeting.
    I don't need the sarcasm.
    We'll need to create our own strategy
    or we'll never get anywhere.

    Go ahead, Corina.
    We need to speak in private, anyway.
    What's up, baby?
    I thought you weren't going to pick up.
    The house was flooded, but I'm alone now.
    I called you but some Turkish guy answered.
    Are you alright?

    A bit beat up, but nothing major.
    What I do need is to get some merchandise
    across the Bosphorus.
    I need one of your CIA contacts here in Istanbul.
    <i> Do you have someone</i> <i> who can help me?</i>
    Yeah, I can get you that. But I need your help, too.
    <i> They're looking to take me</i> <i> out of the game,</i>
    <i> so I need</i> <i> to give them something.</i>
    Let me think. We'll talk in an hour.
    <i> Alright. </i> <i> I'll send you the info.</i>
    don't disappear on me again.
    I think that bastard's hiding something.
    He's hiding a lot, Joe.
    The problem is proving it.
    We've been collecting evidence and witnesses for a long time,
    but there's nothing concrete.
    What do you mean?
    We've got Rivero's statement.
    He was my predecessor as Secretary of National Security.
    I know who he was.
    He had a reputable service record.
    May I see that statement?
    Do you have it handy?
    I have access. I can get it.
    Move it, ladies!
    This way. To the left.
    Keep them entertained, Pompeyo.
    -Hello? -Hey, honey.
    How are things in Colombia?
    I'm checking out some coordinates Gabriela gave me.
    Maybe we'll find the plane wreckage.
    -Alright. -What about you?
    Ismael said some Turkish guy answered your phone.
    Don't worry.
    Are Casasola and Garañon near you?
    Pompeyo's distracting them. Why?
    I need your help.
    Get Quezada's location from those guys.
    I know they're working for him. That much I know.
    I know they do business with him.
    But I need his location.
    I'll call you back as soon as I know something.
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