China's pilots get their wings in Australia

China's pilots get their wings in Australia
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    These Chinese trainee pilots have already
    made at least one long haul journey.
    That's because their flight school is in Australia.
    [INAUDIBLE],, or Bobby, as he's known here,
    is one of more than 2,500 Chinese
    learning to fly overseas.
    The first time that I takeoff, I feel very excited,
    because I think, oh, it's me.
    I'm flying the plane.
    I think that very exciting.
    The number of Chinese pilots has doubled in the past seven
    But that's not enough to keep up with China's surging
    demand for air travel.
    Without enough flight schools at home,
    airlines are sending half their trainees overseas.
    Australia has a very good reputation
    for quality of training.
    But Australia has become a lot more popular
    recently, probably because the Australian dollar has come back
    to a much better rate against the US dollar.
    So we're much more price competitive now too.
    China Eastern bought a 50% stake in CAE Oxford's
    Australian subsidiary in 2014.
    Meanwhile, Australian carrier Qantas is getting in on the act
    with its own training centre.
    And other Chinese airlines also own schools in the country.
    The pilot shortage that the Chinese market is experiencing
    today is no different than the global shortage
    that's being experienced by airlines throughout the world.
    And quite simply, it's a result of the explosive growth.
    There have been more aircraft ordered than there
    are pilots to fly them.
    For Bobby, the opportunity to do his training in Australia
    is giving him confidence about his career prospects.
    Every pilot is about to be a captain.
    Maybe when I finish my training, I get back to China,
    I will fly the big shots that is amazing here.
    With the current demand for pilots, he may get that chance.
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