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Can You Pronounce The Most Common Vietnamese Last Name?

Can You Pronounce The Most Common Vietnamese Last Name?
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    - What up internet?
    My name is Nancy and today I'm gonna be walking
    around the BuzzFeed office trying to see if my coworkers
    know how to say my last name.
    How long have we been friends?
    - Almost a year?
    - A little over a year.
    - For a good half a year.
    - Would you say that we're good friends?
    - Yeah.
    - Yeah, we're good friends, we hang.
    - I've been to your house.
    - Do you know how to pronounce my last name?
    (record scratch)
    - Oh, no no no no no, I can't do it.
    - Noy-wen.
    - Ehhh...
    - I don't want to try 'cause I feel like
    I'm gonna mess it up.
    - It's Noo-yin?
    I had a friend in high school named Julian Noo-yin.
    - It's not.
    - Waynge?
    - No.
    - It's Noo-wen?
    - It's still wrong.
    - I feel like I just blew your mind.
    - I've been saying Noy-wen since middle school.
    - N'wen.
    - Alright I'll take that.
    - Wen?
    - It's actually Wheng.
    - Wang. Wang?
    - Oh, I don't want to try again.
    - Wheng.
    - Wang.
    Everybody always says Wang.
    It's Wheng.
    - What? Can you come closer and say that again?
    - Wheng.
    - Wayne?
    - You're just saying Wayne now.
    - I wanna crawl into your mouth and figure out
    where you're holding the word.
    - Wheng.
    - Whang?
    - That's actually good.
    - So the thing about the Vietnamese language,
    is that it's a monosyllabic language,
    so every single word is only one syllable.
    So Nguyen is one word, so Noy-wen is not correct.
    A lot of the sounds that goes into my last name,
    doesn't really exist in the English language.
    - Nancy told me how to pronounce her last name last year,
    and my dentist has the same last name,
    so I was able to call her doctor Wheng,
    and I could tell it meant a lot to her
    that I said her last name correctly.
    Thank you, Nancy.
    - I've heard my last name butchered in so many different
    ways that nothing really phases me anymore.
    We're all learning today.
    Not really me, but definitely a lot of other people are.
    ("Blue Danube")
    - I'm really sorry, Nancy.
    - It's okay, we're still good friends.
    You want a hug?
    - [friend] Yes.
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