Bike Building, Teamwork, and Random Acts of Kindness

Bike Building, Teamwork, and Random Acts of Kindness
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    [over PA system] Each group...
    represents one of many manufacturing plants
    Global Bicycle has around the world
    [ ripping sounds ]
    We're just hoping to have people, work together and be able
    to bring those skills that they learn here today back
    to the workplace.
    Teamwork, communication, that's kind of what the emphasis has been.
    [music under]
    There will be a surprise for the participants. And there will be
    a benefit to... a particular group in the community.
    [music under]
    He felt love and I felt happy...
    [music under]
    Just had our 5 minute warning ....
    [music under]
    [ applause & cheering]
    There you go is that comfortable? OK
    [music under]
    [Jonah Ssemwezi] When my dad is out of work,
    I'm going to ride with him.
    He rides my sister's bike.
    [Jonah Ssemwezi] It's fun!
    [music under]
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