Beauty pageant winners talk about what makes a woman beautiful

Beauty pageant winners talk about what makes a woman beautiful
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    Annyeonghaseyo! (Hello)
    We present to you the winners of
    the 10th Miss SuperTalent beauty pageant.
    With a towering average height of 176 centimeters,
    and years of training in the talent industry,
    these young women aspire to many things in life,
    including K-pop stardom.
    (Voice) This is The Korea Herald's Lim Jeong-yeo.
    I'm here today to interview
    the Miss SuperTalent competitors.
    Who wants to stay in Korea and work?
    As a K-pop star?
    We do love K-pop
    I love BTS,
    Big Bang,
    All of them.
    My name is Alexia,
    I'm 18 and I'm from Spain.
    I'm here as
    the No. 1 winner of the Miss SuperTalent.
    I love the culture of Korea,
    it's very special.
    I've been wanting to come for four years.
    It was my dream to come here.
    And I've completed this.
    I was very emotional.
    I love the food,
    the music,
    I want to live here.
    I will come back to live here
    when I have a contract secured in this industry.
    For a woman to be beautiful,
    I believe she must have beauty on the inside,
    not just beauty on the outside.
    She has to love different cultures,
    because if a person only loves one culture,
    then it means she doesn't really have a big heart.
    A person with a big heart embraces the world.
    Korea Herald zzang!
    I think a beautiful woman is a happy woman.
    If you feel happiness,
    everybody can see it and you will be more beautiful.
    Your beauty will come from inside.
    If you love what you do,
    you love your work,
    you love your family and life,
    you love the place where you are--
    people can see this beauty in your eyes,
    in your face and acts and everything.
    I'm from Lithuania but I'm living in Japan.
    I have my own company (there).
    I think it's important not only how a woman looks
    but also her behaviors and communication,
    how she speaks and body language.
    Because if you focus only on face,
    it (lasts) too short.
    I think it's very important
    how a woman presents herself.
    Not only how she looks.
    What do you talk about when you're just by yourselves?
    We talk about food all the time.
    There's all sorts of different standards of beauty.
    Different cultures, races, different kinds of beauty.
    But for me,
    if you have beauty within,
    then you're beautiful.
    Because you can be the most beautiful person in the world,
    but have an ugly personality,
    then your looks don't matter anymore.
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