(Airsoft) Marushin Beretta M9 Shell Ejecting

(Airsoft) Marushin Beretta M9 Shell Ejecting
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    Here's another shell ejecting pistol - the Marushin Beretta M9!
    Each shot ejects a shell, drastically increasing the realism of this pistol
    Although old, the gun still functions very well (rarely jams!)
    And yes, double tapping is fine (and also so fun!)
    The gun comes with realistic 3 dot sights
    Interesting design - the trigger has two phases, one for shooting air/BB out, the other for blowing back the slide
    The shells are roughly 9mm sized and is hollow in the middle
    Here's how you load a BB in
    They're made of metal, which is really, really awesome.
    You can load them into the magazine the same as you do on a real steel magazine!
    The markings are nicely made, quite realistic!
    Here's what the shell-ejecting action looks like...smooth!
    Thanks for watching!
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