A Million Little Things - Official Trailer

A Million Little Things - Official Trailer
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    I got this. Why don't you take a long lunch?
    By the end of this call, we will either have a deal
    or we will never have a deal.
    I can't be in this marriage anymore.
    I want to be with you.
    I forgot my briefcase. Didn't you notice I left it...
    Hey, you.
    [ Sighs ] Great.
    Doctor: It's in line with what I was expecting.
    [ Cellphone vibrates ]
    I was very clear. Balsamic vinaigrette.
    Yes, they do. I get salad there three days a week.
    Sorry. I don't mean to interrupt
    what sounds like a super important salad conversation.
    I just have one quick question.
    Is my cancer back?
    [ Cellphone ringing ]
    You're not gonna believe this.
    John killed himself.
    ♪ You were the only way ♪
    John always said everything happens for a reason,
    even how we all met.
    We got stuck on an elevator.
    In that decade, a couple of us got married,
    a couple of us had kids.
    One of us got sober.
    And one of us beat cancer.
    John, you say everything happens for a reason.
    I can't find a reason for this.
    ♪ I had no reason to... ♪
    How could I not know?
    How could I not see it?
    ♪ You were the only... ♪
    Guys, this doesn't make any sense.
    This is John, perfect John.
    Maggie: Maybe something else was going on.
    People keep secrets.
    I had no idea that he was depressed.
    Did you? Did you?
    We don't talk.
    ♪ I had no reason ♪
    Do you have any idea why he did this?
    He was on that business call for a really long time.
    He made a call right after that...
    to you.
    A long time ago, these two went on a date.
    One horrendous date.
    What is this? Why are we doing this?
    You say it was bad, but did it end
    with him taking you to a funeral?
    -I love her so much. -[ Chuckles ]
    Regina: Yeah. [ Laughs ]
    ♪ Come on home and let yourself heal ♪
    We don't really know each other.
    The last time we said anything deep
    was when we were in that elevator.
    Even though he's in remission, it's like he's afraid...
    That it's gonna come back.
    ♪ I won't let you disappear ♪
    ♪ Let your heart beat here ♪
    Tell me one good thing that's happened
    because of this -- one.
    Man: If you hadn't called to tell me about John,
    I would be dead right now.
    ♪ I feel it in my ribs ♪
    ♪ Feel it in my soul ♪
    -To John. -To John.
    ♪ The pulse ♪
    John: Friendship is being able to have the hard conversations
    and be willing to listen.
    It's a million little things.
    ♪ And so clear ♪
    ♪ Let your heart beat ♪
    I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.
    ♪ Let your heart beat here ♪
    John: The challenge in life is to find that reason.
    ♪ Let your heart beat here ♪
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