2018 Innovator of the Year — DryCard™

2018 Innovator of the Year — DryCard™
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    Far too many people are made ill, don't get adequate nutrition, their incomes are
    reduced because of the issues associated with improper drying or lack of drying capability.
    In Tanzania 40% of the children are stunted.
    That's stunting as a result of malnutrition.
    So, the DryCard™ idea came to us when we were working on a drying technology.
    And Michael Reed mentioned this humidity paper that changes color with humidity.
    And my idea was a jar that people would put samples in
    and then look at the color of the strip and detect what the moisture content of the grains was.
    Grains, beans, nuts, meats, absolutely any biological material.
    By drying product it can be stored for months possibly even a year.
    The impact of the DryCard™ is immediate because people see the color
    change. The technology itself costs as much as one or two cans of soda.
    It's affordable, it's reusable and it has tremendous potential.
    And that key, simple idea has allowed a dry card to be used for a wide range of products.
    Jim and I have worked together for 40 some years. I had a feeling that I wanted to work with
    people in the developing world to make a difference and this certainly has the potential to do that
    so it's a very satisfying capstone.
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