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Wingman Etiquette | How To Be A Good Wingman For Your Buddy | How To Wing

Wingman Etiquette | How To Be A Good Wingman For Your Buddy | How To Wing
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    - Good afternoon, gentleman
    I'm Ollie, it's Make Me That Guy
    Today's video is about wingmanship etiquette, okay?
    By that I mean, how to be a good wingman,
    or how to bounce and bubble off your partner,
    your companion, that dude you go out
    chatting chicks with, having fun, drinking,
    going on the pool with.
    Alright, there are certain easy ways you can demonstrate
    high value, you can make sure you have a great night,
    and be a really desireable guy to speak to
    with a great, especially a great first few
    moments of the interaction
    of you and your mate approaching women
    the all important first few moments
    okay so I say the all important first moments
    because it's the approach
    and the way you come across and your vibe
    in the first two or three minutes
    which really sets the tone for the rest of the conversation
    you're in with, you know, the object of your affection
    women you may be approaching
    okay so after those first minutes
    usually in a social scenario it's very hard to have
    a cross three, four, five-way conversation in a group
    you tend to then turn off and have
    a smaller conversation with one or two girls
    one on one, and it doesn't become a free flowing
    group conversation but at first
    you most definitely have engage the whole group of women
    or both of them and thus, this is good
    wingmanship etiquette, alright
    you're gonna need a wingman most when you're
    speaking to girls in two's or groups, obviously
    having a wingman for a girl on her own
    is totally unnecessary, approach her on your own
    never approach with a guy, with your mate
    cuz its just a bit rapey and scary
    two of you trying to (mumbles), alright
    so this is for when girls are in two's or more.
    Okay so the first thing is knowing your wingman
    know his strengths and weaknesses
    know what he does
    and learn how to demonstrate massive high value
    the trap which so many guys fall into
    when they're out on the pull
    they're trying to look for chicks, right?
    Is competing, ok?
    Don't compete!
    They wanna put their wingman down
    they wanna show that they're the alpha male
    that they're better, they're cooler
    they'll tease each other in a negative way
    they'll try and speak over their mate
    they'll try and get in close proximity to the hot girl
    or capture her, alright this is not it boys;
    you've gotta show the love, yeah, for your wingman
    because if you love your best mate or your wingman
    the guy you're out with, you show untold respect
    you pick him up the whole time, it shows
    that you are not somebody who is jealous
    or has a low self-esteem, or is competitive
    it's all incredibly attractive
    just a cool easy breezy guy
    and what will be will be
    whoever gets the girl is gonna get the girl
    and you love your guy, you love your boy
    and you don't care about hot girls
    they can all fuck off!
    The main thing to you is your relationship
    with your homeboy, right?
    And that's totally true
    why are you gonna start taking the piss out of your mate
    or putting him down or competing with him
    for the affection, or the attention
    of a hot chick you've just met?
    Bullshit, always support your mate to the fucking end
    and show his high value and he can do the same for you
    and that way you're going to be a solid unit
    and that's incredibly attractive because people like
    the comradery of strong men bouncing off each other.
    Makes alot of sense
    if you're competitive, jealous, you've got the wrong wingman
    get him out of there
    find someone who supports you properly and reciprocates
    those values when you're expressing his good points
    his finer points, to women you wanna speak to
    so how are we gonna do that?
    Alright, first things first, teasing and exaggeration
    are the two main ways we're gonna do that, alright?
    So let's have a think
    I'm actually gonna use a live case study scenario.
    Alright, I had two clients last Saturday
    who I helped with wingman shit
    they actually don't even know each other!
    They've met once at seminars we do
    on these kinds of topics and fashion and social life
    and they wanted to go out, chat the chicks
    but they didn't have any good wings
    because one's come out of a long term marriage
    one's from a foreign country
    and just didn't have people to hang out with
    so I introduced them to each other
    and taught them the basics of how they're gonna go out
    chat to women, and demonstrate this high value
    and bounce off each other, alright?
    So let's take these two guys, one of them,
    is an IT guy he works from home on his computer
    and one of them is a scientist, ok?
    these aren't particularly glamorous jobs
    these don't ooze sexuality.
    It's not like one of them is a cage fighter
    and the other one is an astronaut
    nothing particularly interesting, right?
    But we can make those job descriptions interesting
    especially if we don't say them ourselves
    cuz that's called showing off, and showing off's not cool
    but if your mate says it, and he bigs it up
    and he gives it a, embroiders it
    he makes it bigger and better
    that shows that he's funny and energetic
    and it also makes you cool
    because you're not bragging
    and you're simply
    someone who's just simply interpreting your life
    your occupation, in a way,
    which is gonna show you as high value.
    So, let's go back to them
    we've got a scientist
    and we've got an IT guy
    let's call them Tim and Tom,
    we've got Tim our scientist
    and Tom our IT Expert, alright?
    So first things first
    we're gonna approach using group approach techniques.
    Made a video on that check it out.
    Use the tips in the other videos to approach
    groups of women, in that video I showed you, right?
    Once you've approached, you're gonna get into conversation
    so you have to demonstrate high value instantly
    the first thing you're going to do, is say
    So anyway guys, have you ever met a math professor?
    'Cause Tim is a math professor, he's like a crazy scientist,
    he's like Einstein, he's gonna take over the world
    world domination is his aim, no seriously he's a scientist!
    So, you're not just saying he's a scientist, he
    works in a lab which he does
    he's fricking boring, he wears a labcoat.
    You're not gonna say that
    he's a nutty professor, world domination
    alright, and then he's gonna say I forgot
    who Tim and Tom are but you know, you get the idea
    so one of these two, shouldn't have called them
    both similar names, should I?
    I'm just failing out here
    So anyway, you're gonna say,
    Yeah he's a nutty professor!
    Big up his job make it funny
    he's an evil scientist, he's gonna take over the world
    and he's gonna go
    oh, my God, he's such a dick, yes I am a scientist
    I don't think I'm gonna quite take over the world,
    but anyway yes I'm a scientist, but what about him anyway?
    he's taking the piss out of me, right?
    This motherfucker here is a digital nomad,
    you know what he does?
    He sits at home on his ass, in his slippers,
    which are pink by the way, and he just taps on his computer
    all day and makes thousands of pounds
    and travels around the world working,
    How awesome is that?
    He was in Japan last week,
    probably, you know, sitting on the sofa,
    making more money than most people make in a year.
    So now you've shown his high value
    and he bounces back and goes aw, come on bro,
    please, more money?
    The mad scientist over here
    works at one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies
    in the U.K., he's got more money than i've got
    in my whole life, dude, he could really buy
    this club if he wanted to, anyway no more talk about money
    ladies but so what do you guys do?
    Look how I just expressed two shitty jobs!
    Not shitty, but not particularly sexy
    they're not male models or footballers
    you know, they ain't ballers
    they're just two guys, intellectuals, ok?
    suddenly you've shown you're funny
    there's alot of love for each other,
    you're bouncing off each other, bubbling having a laugh
    teasing, always tease about positive things
    the minute it's malicious, you're losing
    these are positive, these are your careers
    it's about money, success, travel, intellect, right?
    Never tease your friends about negative things.
    Tease them about the good things, it shows high value
    and the fact that you're demonstrating high value
    in a humorous way means you're really desirable
    you're not a showoff, it's just what it is
    you're having a laugh, and that just happened to come up
    but you made it come up, 'cause you're clever and covert.
    So, that's the first introduction
    then ask about their jobs, and then you come back
    to the same scenario every time.
    It just so happened that the two guys I'm talking
    about in this scenario, Tim and Tom, we've forgotten
    who the fuck each one is but anyway, you get my drift,
    They both also spoke foreign languages
    One happened to be French, and one was fluent in Italian
    and Spanish, OK?
    Pretty cool as well.
    So, other things they start doing.
    You said you like to travel right?
    Oh, yeah he speaks French
    Well he speaks Italian and Spanish,
    dude we're like a bilingual duo here.
    One of them happened to be going traveling for six months
    He was doing the whole of South America
    Doing the Inca Trail, Maccu Picchu, all that crap, right?
    Amazing, really interesting, shows he's got passion
    He loves to travel and stuff.
    So you can say to them: So, girls...
    By the way, no girls in London are ever from England anymore
    We're based in London,
    if that's not the case in your locality cool
    but here the girls (mumbles) foreign.
    So you can say: Oh, you guys aren't from England, right
    you're not English yea?
    So you must love to travel,
    How long have you been in London for?
    This lucky bastard is off to South America for six months,
    it's gonna be so cool, I'm so jealous of him,
    he's gonna do all the cultural stuff,
    and they'll be like: Wow, that's really cool
    and then he will start talking about his travel
    and he can ask them about their travels
    it's constantly displaying high value.
    Does one of you have something they're good at?
    If one of you has got killer abs, you can say
    well you know what, anyways ladies, you've
    gotta check out this guys abs, he's a fuckin' monster,
    you could grate cheese on him.
    and then you actually physically pull his top up
    and he's like: No, no, no stop,
    I don't want to show my killer abs he does, trust me.
    Of course he wants to show his killer abs
    but if he pops them up, himself, he's just a penis
    who's showing off, his mate does it
    he's hot as fuck, right, he's a hot guy
    would never have done that but his mate made him do it
    'cause his mate just loves him and the brotherhood
    is so strong, they have no animosity or rivalry
    if one of you is a good singer, you can be like
    oh man, yeah it's really really cool, he's an IT guy
    but he's also an amazing singer, have you ever fucking
    heard of that?
    An IT guy who can sing?
    'Cause he can he can play the guitar and everything
    he's like the next Ed Sheeran, in fact
    I call him Ed Queeran
    something silly like that
    then you're allowed to tease him
    You could call him Ed Queeran then
    because you're demonstrating high value
    you're telling him how good he is at singing
    example of Ed Sheeran,
    if he was an ugly little ginger cretin
    then if you said oh look at him,
    he looks like Ed Sheeran 'innit?
    Haha little ginger knob.
    Then that would be taking the piss and that is negative
    and that's out of order
    and you've negged him and you've put him down
    never do that, alright?
    But if you're using Ed Sheeran
    as a metaphor of his singing talent, that's very good.
    I doubt very much Ed Sheeran is watching this channel
    but if he is, fix up, Swirl your hair out
    anyway I'm not making many friends here today am I?
    So those are a few examples guys
    and this can go into any realm of your life
    if your friend has high value in that area
    you find out about it
    and you make a teasing comment and drop it
    into the conversation so the women know
    this gives you a lovely, bubbly dynamic
    plus it shows high value
    and that is how you express yourselves
    and your wingman in good wingmanship etiquette.
    Ok gentlemen so that was it.
    That was good wingmanship etiquette
    How to bounce off your boy.
    How to show high value.
    How to maintain a funny vibe between you
    and be a desirable couple of chaps out there
    chatting girls up, right?
    I'm Ollie, It's Make Me That Guy.
    Be sure to subscribe, like, and leave us a comment
    try out the tips we're saying, they work
    and they have worked for thousands of clients
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    and how we can help you to be a more rounded guy.
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