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WIFI DADI Learn how to use #Laptop || MOST #FUNNY DADI || DADI MAA KE NUSHKE #Bloopers

WIFI DADI Learn how to use #Laptop || MOST #FUNNY DADI || DADI MAA KE NUSHKE #Bloopers
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    Bollywood song - Munni Badnaam hui ....
    What have you done?
    You spoiled my hard work.
    Your mother is enjoying in patry and I am working here
    Cool DADI COOL DADI - Grandmother
    Go away
    Who is calling me now?
    Probably your friend Sunita...
    Yes Sunita...How are you?
    No, I am PIHU
    What? Who? Wrong Number
    My cute grand mother, please help me for some work
    Do not disturb me now...
    Oho Granny I need your help...
    Look Pihu, I am not going to give a single penny
    I dont need money, I need your help.
    Yes tell me what is it?
    I want you to mail me school project file from my laptop.
    Dadi do you know how to operate laptop?
    Yes Yes,,, in Punjab we had very big laptops
    Very good
    I opened it what next...Now open it...Done
    It is asking for passport...
    Pihu...whare are you going with the passport
    Sister must be going to america, to meet aunty.
    America? Me why?
    I will also go in a plane ...giggles
    You keep quite ...
    Oh..grand mother it is password not passport
    Yes yes ...I know that..
    Look there must be a mouse!
    What did you say, mouse...where is it where is it?
    Dadi look for the plastic mouse of computer.
    Yes yes I got it.
    Look dont try to impress me.
    Dadi it is the PASSWORD
    Type it...
    OK I will do it...
    Now open the windows
    Yes. I have opened the window
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