The #1 Secret Hustle Technique (How to Make Work Easy!!!)

The #1 Secret Hustle Technique (How to Make Work Easy!!!)
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    What is up! It is Spencer here
    And today I am celebrating is a reset, to restart,
    and reconfigure what is going on in my life.
    And I want to invite you and your life to consider these things as well
    these elements that I've been exploring and playing around with
    as I began to take my journey more seriously,
    so if resetting and re-calibrating where you're at
    in your tracks, on your journey
    as you're speeding through life
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    I am always there
    Always having conversations with you
    and especially I love people that like to challenge the topic at hand
    I love that. I embrace it, so let's get into it!
    So, the wonderful news is that Spring is here
    This might not concern you if you don't live somewhere where I live, where there's obviously snow, as you can see
    But spring is here and people like myself and probably like you
    We like to adapt to cycles, and that's why when it comes to new year's we've got resolutions
    When it comes to Birthdays, we've got .. Resolutions!
    When it comes to Spring - we start cleaning!
    What I'm more interested in cleaning is my life.
    and my schedule. Up until a few months ago I was the kind of person
    as you know if you've been following my channel - to have the kind of jobs
    You know jobs that pay me not careers jobs where someone else makes my schedule
    Someone else tells me my hours, and all I have to do is obey
    So it's totally just a set it and forget it kind of situation
    if you've been following my channel you know that I'm the "Feminist who reveals shocking truth about pickup artist seminar"
    you know that I had an internship with real social dynamics
    because I networked pretty hard at the hot seats and got to know the CEO and etc etc and
    And now my internship has turned into a job that is paying me
    This is what I'm doing now. This! this is what I'm doing, after this I go to work
    Where is work? my home. Wherever I want it to be because that's what happens at a job like what I have right now
    If you want to learn more about how I got that position my buddy Brian Choi
    He's coming out with a video where he interviewed me, and we go in depth about that experience
    I will put a link to that video when it comes out on this video so that you could see what is up
    How I got that - because there's no point jumping into it since Brian did an excellent job of pulling that information out of me
    Moving on!
    so what I've noticed
    Not having someone else giving me my schedule, giving me my hours, telling me what to do.
    You know working for the man, man
    What I've noticed is that "oh my God! Now, I'm the whoa-man. Now I'm in charge. I mean I have bosses.
    I have supervisors, I have people who are superior to me in the food chain of what is real social dynamics while I'm working on the team
    But, at the end of the day, I'm the one who has to get my shit done
    I'm fully accountable for everything I do. I set my schedule. I cannot work, I can work.
    I could work all damn day. I could work all day start to finish. I can work two hours
    I can do whatever. In fact, there are probably some tasks that
    No one would really know if I didn't do them, so why not just put that to the side
    Or just get rid of it, sweep it under the rug. so that's where I'm finding myself right now. It's something
    I'm not really familiar with because if you have been following the channel then you know that I have been the cashier at the grocery
    Story, which is just down the road I have been the garbage sorter
    Which I'm very very fond of I could put a link to that video as well
    "its training You how to say present in pain
    Because everybody wants to be really present positive right? everybody wants to be mentally tough right? you want to have mental toughness right?
    Well, where did you get that from without going through things? So you-"
    I have been all of these things and more \
    and I have embraced it because I like that grind I like really putting the hustling and breaking my back over some work
    I didn't mind
    I Never ever complained about someone else making my own hours
    I never complained about the BS of that kind of work ever that was always something that I was ready and willing to embrace
    Because I knew it was that kind of work. That would give me the drive to push forward and have that work ethic
    I guess, emulate in new situations such as working on the marketing team of real social dynamics
    A really interesting opportunity that I am extremely grateful for
    because of the challenge of
    I'm in charge. This is my life. In fact, this is sort of a dream
    If you don't think that I haven't been thinking for years
    I would love I would love to get a job somewhere in a company like RSD if you don't think that then you're wrong
    You've totally misjudged me. I've been wanting this position for so long and now I have it
    Have you ever heard people talk about that whole thing of
    You want you want you want you see this end result goal and then once you get it?
    It's just like oh okay it happened and like I'm here. I'm in it. What do I do with this?
    What do I do with this new situation and that's where I'm finding myself right now
    My internships done. I'm now in payroll. I'm a real person. I got a deal with this. Oh, and I'm also working
    What is my 20 year old dream job? Oh shit it's all happening right now
    What's next?!
    The truth is I found it pretty challenging
    I love what I do
    Probably because it is challenging. In former jobs where someone is setting my schedule someone is basically making all of those essential
    decisions for me
    There's not much I have to do. I just have to comply, which is the challenge in those jobs.
    It's kind of like "I'm complying. I'm wearing the uniform. Okay, okay, that's okay. All right. I'm pumped about this, fine."
    Whereas now
    the challenge is
    the freedom. I suppose
    With freedom
    With freedom and without the proper discipline implemented in that framework of freedom
    discipline and freedom. Jocko Willink, right? "Discipline equals Freedom"
    Then I found myself sort of swamped in
    Stress and confusion and duress and where am I and is this the right path?
    And then I would counter that with like "Of course this is the right path, you've wanted this for so long."
    I guess maybe it didn't meet your expectations of what you thought would happen, but you're here
    And it is cool so run with it, what's going on lady?
    that's how that's how I would pep talk myself into this
    and I suppose what it would be is in a job like this where people are surrounded
    You know throughout the globe and you've got different notifications hitting you left right and centre at different times middle of the night mid day
    Whatever you're hanging out with your family something came up. Oh no
    You have to understand and implement a framework where that type of freedom that's running loose all this
    information and notifications and situations running loose running wild - there has to be
    something, a container to put it in whether that container is a schedule you respect or what have you
    A mindset, a way to approach it. That's something that I'm exploring - so this past weekend what I did was
    I want to say almost totally put work aside,
    I didn't, but I did, you know, very little hours and did
    Not very demanding tasks in those few hours that I did this weekend and instead I put everything aside
    And I shut everything off I shut my mind off, and I did what would be
    appropriately called at this time of year "spring cleaning"
    I cleaned my apartment. My girlfriend was away for the weekend, so I had the whole place to myself
    I had my thoughts to myself. I could do anything. I had the freedom and in my freedom
    I was choosing it silence work and just work on myself because I understood that I must first take care of myself in order to
    Make the right actions in this life on the outside of "the self"
    So I cleaned my apartment, and I really got into it. You know
    I'm not just doing it to like power through but more so just like this is a process
    This is a nurturing process things have to be organized. boom, got that out of the way
    I then complimented that activity later in the evening when it was dark and I took my psilocybin mushrooms and
    Went deep down that rabbit Hole. Had a lot of feelings, thoughts
    Revelations, which really are just sensations and theories which I must now put into action
    I'm now beginning to integrate what I've gotten from that experience and put it into my day-to-day practical life because yes
    I did take psilocybin mushrooms in order to just figure out
    the logistics of my schedule. It may not sound very
    Beautiful or whoo-whoo, like you would think. You would take psychedelics in order to
    Have the great deep universe give you the message of the all of the everything
    But in fact that is what happened because the all in the everything is totally
    It coincides and works with just your little practical schedule like when you wake up. What do you eat?
    What do you drink etc etc etc?
    And ultimately the great, takeaway
    was from this book that I've been reading the past week that I knew I had to read or it was just thoughts that I
    Had to begin taking seriously in my life as I am now on the course
    Exactly where I want to be
    exactly as I predicted it working for the company that I wanted to work for I'm on this course and
    Because I'm here. I have to make it work
    I can't just let these opportunities slip through my fingertips
    And be like whoa I got the thing I want and now I'll just not work for it anymore
    absolutely not
    What I believe is that years the years leading up to working for real social dynamics the years
    I always felt like an ambassador and I touch on this in the interview with Brian
    I always felt like an ambassador of the company. I almost was sort of tuned in at the paradigm
    Where as if I was working for the company as well
    So then once I got integrated into company culture, it was like "Well, this is where I belong"
    and now thinking about it
    There's no reason to feel
    like I should take my foot off the gas pedal of the competitive edge and
    The belief that I put into my journey to get me to where I am now
    So what I did the past week was I read this book by Greg McKeown. However. It's pronounced. It's called "Essentialism"
    And in this book it - well,
    Let's just summarize it really quickly it's like "How to say no" "when to say no"
    Or rather "when to do" "what to execute on" "the who what when where why" and the big thing is the WHY
    and like is it worth your time?
    bringing attention to
    the importance of understanding your boundaries, my boundaries, and knowing that
    Listen if I want to be great excellent if I want to give
    For instance if I'm talking to my superior if I want to give you
    then I have to take what I know I can give you everything on
    I Have to know my boundaries and structure it in a way where it's like
    I know when I will get to this task. It's not gonna be today. It's not gonna be tomorrow, but heck
    It's gonna be Wednesday
    So just stay tuned
    and Now let's shut the fuck up. because I'm gonna set it and forget it and respect my boundaries in order to produce the greatest work
    Possible for you
    So that was for me the great takeaway from this book "Essentialism" by Greg McGowan. Whatever it might be and
    I feel like with spring coming. I'm on this path of the reset as I said earlier in the video, and I want you
    'Tribe' so to speak, my followers, my friends, my contrarians to join me on that reset as well because this is
    What needs to be happening it needs to be a consistent effort of pulling the weeds pulling the weeds pulling the weeds
    Constantly re-evaluating where you are and questioning why it is that you're not where it is that you want to be?
    That "you want to be". Why is it that you are not where you want to be and that's a really really serious question
    It's such a valid question
    Because it should be something you could answer
    not with the excuses not with I'm not where I want to be because of X Y & Z
    Honestly, they might be valid excuses too, but then you have to ask yourself
    Well, then what else what else how do I get there? How do I do it? Is that even where I want to be?
    When you see yourself and the things you want to do and the things you want to accomplish
    Does that actually sell is that something you actually want to do?! Is that something you want to do because
    I Beg you, I beg, I am begging you I'm begging you
    To understand that we are in a world where we are told to want things that we might not necessarily
    We might not necessarily want and the only way to figure this out
    The only way to figure out
    Where it is that you are and where it is that you want to be the things that you want to have
    the person that you
    want to be
    A lot of that is clouded by messages that are
    not necessarily ours
    But influences from all around us as we are growing up from school from friends from parents from advertisements
    Again and again hitting you at all sorts of directions even when you don't realize that it's happening
    how to deal with this?! Something I've been dealing with for so0oo0oo
    Well, it's exactly that, it's the reset
    It's taking the time to turn everything off and to look deeply within yourself
    I do not believe that you need psilocybin mushrooms to do such a thing
    No, forget it. Very beneficial go for it if you can, do it safely, if you can
    I'm not a doctor by the way
    Just note that
    However, all you need to do is just turn everything off, turn work off, turn your
    relationships off. put a pause, but a respectful pause, plan for it, plan for the pause
    And think and write and evaluate, and I'm going to end the video here because again like I said I am on the reset journey
    I'm on the reset journey, but it's already feeling great, and it's not over yet
    You're still more to look at I still have to evaluate the reset itself. is this reset working?
    How could it be better? how could it be better? How can we be better?
    What do I want? where am I going?
    So those are the questions and those are the thoughts that I invite you to play with this week as to be embraced
    What is spring
    Spring concerns you at the moment wherever you are in the world
    Please comment below and let me know where you are in the world
    I'd be very very curious to know where my viewers are, where it is that you're watching me, where it is that we are meeting
    and hit subscribe, hit like, and check out the video by my friend Brian
    when he interviewed me because it will give you more insight into how I got the job that I have right now
    that I'm super pumped about.
    thank you so much for watching. See you soon
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