Suunto 3 Fitness - How to get started

Suunto 3 Fitness - How to get started
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    Welcome to the world of Suunto 3 Fitness.
    Let's get started!
    You will need:
    Your Suunto 3 Fitness,
    the charging cable you got with the watch
    and a computer.
    To wake up your watch,
    connect it to a computer using the charging cable.
    When the watch wakes up,
    you can disconnect it from the computer.
    Personalize your watch by adjusting the settings
    and adding your personal data.
    Now your watch will prepare your seven day training plan and other features.
    The quick tips will show you how to browse the watch menu and features.
    Press the right upper or lower button to scroll through the main menu
    and access the activity, sleep and training insights.
    By pressing the upper left button you can switch between data views for insights
    that have more than one option like steps & calories.
    Select by pressing the middle button.
    With a longer press you can access the shortcuts menu.
    Get back to the main menu by pressing the lower button on the left.
    Your watch is now all set up,
    the next step is to connect your watch with the Suunto app
    and learn more about your new training companion.
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