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Oven Roasted Shrimp ~ Quick and Easy Shrimp ~ How to Cook Shrimp ~ Kitchen Basics ~ Noreen's Kitchen

Oven Roasted Shrimp ~ Quick and Easy Shrimp ~ How to Cook Shrimp ~ Kitchen Basics ~ Noreen's Kitchen
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    Hi everyone welcome back to my kitchen today
    I'm going to show you the quickest easiest most delicious way to prepare shrimp
    We're gonna roast it in the oven this takes very little time and it's super easy to do
    I'm gonna be making mine to put into a special salad
    I'm gonna be making in another video
    And I thought I would bring you along and show you how I roast this shrimp up. Let's go see how this all comes together
    Roasting shrimp is so easy and you really need very few ingredients
    What I have here is two pounds of peeled and deveined white shrimp you use whatever shrimp is your favorite
    I like to get local fresh hot shrimp
    But you can use frozen shrimp and sometimes you can even find that shrimp where it's called easy peel
    And they've actually run a blade through the back of it
    They've split open the shell and they've deveined it for you
    So all you have to do is run it under some cold water and peel the shell off
    Now you can roast these with the shells on for peel-and-eat shrimp later
    Absolutely up to you I'm gonna be using these in a salad recipe so I want them to be peeled I
    Love roasting shrimp best of all because when you steam it or boil it
    It just seems to me that it isn't as full of flavor as it is when you roast it
    So simple ingredients 2 pounds of peeled shrimp
    Quarter of a cup of olive oil the juice of one lemon and about a tablespoon of your favorite seafood seasoning, this is my homemade
    copycat kind of Old Bay seasoning
    I have a recipe for that. I will leave a link in the I
    Box above as well as the information box below the video
    So I'm gonna show you how hard it is to do this
    I'm going to go ahead and squeeze my lemon
    Right over my shrimp
    Just like that. I'm gonna put my olive oil over here, and I'm gonna add my seasoning right in there
    You can add as much much or as little seasoning as you prefer
    And then I'm just gonna take a spatula or spoon
    And I'm gonna get in here and mix it all up so everything
    Gets evenly coated with lemon juice and olive oil and the seasoning and I may hit this with a little extra seasoning
    But let's see what I have is a baking sheet that
    I have lined with aluminum foil get all of this
    in a single layer
    Spread it out nice and even I have my oven preheated at 375 degrees
    These are gonna roast for about
    12 minutes or until they're just pink you don't want to overcook shrimp because
    Nobody likes to eat in the little eraser
    I'm just gonna give this a little extra sprinkle of
    The seafood seasoning this already has like salt pepper paprika
    all sorts of yummy
    Spices in it and now we're gonna go ahead and throw this in our preheated oven 12 to 15 minutes
    And I'll be back when they're done, and I'll show you what they look like well there
    You have it our shrimp roasted for 12 minutes
    It came out perfect as it does every time this is succulent moist it's not chewy
    It's perfectly done and it cools off in no time. I'm gonna be using this in a salad
    that's gonna be coming up in another video in the future so keep your eyes open for that and
    It's really very irresistible. You can see two pounds of shrimp after you get it peeled and deveined
    It doesn't really make a lot of shrimp, so this is all going in the salad bowl with some other fantastic
    Ingredients that's how I roast shrimp
    It's absolutely delicious, and I hope you give it a try if you liked today's video
    Please consider giving me a thumbs up and if you're new to my kitchen welcome
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    And if you are a tried-and-true member of the Noreen's kitchen family always
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    Because we don't want any of you to miss out on all the real food for real people
    Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen
    I hope you give roasted shrimp a try sometime soon in the summertime
    It's the perfect way to cook it unless you're throwing it on the barbie of course, but it's quick
    It's easy and it's done you can have it ready in your fridge
    And you can just pop it in your salads throughout the week and its really great
    So I hope you give it a try, and I hope you love it and until next time. I'll see you
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