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My iPhone Screen Is Broken! Here's How To Get It Fixed.

My iPhone Screen Is Broken! Here's How To Get It Fixed.
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    Hi guys, David and David here from and in this video we're going to explain
    what to do when your iPhone screen is broken.
    Well, the first thing to do is: Safety First!
    Also, sorry that your iPhone screen is broken. Right — we empathize with you — sort of.
    What you do if it's very cracked — a lot of the time pieces of the screen could
    be falling off.
    So we recommend just taking some masking tape, and putting it right over the phone like
    that. When people would come into the Apple Store hand us their shattered phones,
    that's what we would do first, because who likes glass shards, right?
    And if you don't fancy, you know, maybe a plastic bag will do just fine temporary fix,
    you know, these things can be dangerous.
    So secondly we want to back up your iPhone, right?
    So even if your iPhone is working, okay right now you probably want to back it up right
    away because when there's physical damage to the level of screens broken, yep, anything
    can go wrong.
    Grab a Lightning cable into your computer, right?
    Let's go pretty good There It Is.
    Well, plug it into your Phone right and you can use iTunes to back this up or iCloud open
    up iTunes backup now — pretty straightforward.
    Yeah save backup your data just in case fabulous.
    We got a backup.
    We got a backup.
    We're safe, haven't injured ourselves.
    No glass shards yet.
    Yep fabulous.
    So probably want to get a new screen.
    Yeah, you probably wanna get your screen repair.
    You know, if you can't use your iPhone screen then it's useless pretty, yeah.
    Totally totally major is important.
    So we're coming get our iPhones.
    If your iPhone is under warranty and you have AppleCare+, I recommend going to Apple because
    Apple is the best option.
    However, Apple can be very expensive if you don't have AppleCare+ so there are other alternatives.
    We highly recommend Puls, an on-demand repair service.
    I'll send a tech to you fixtures phone on the spot then get there in as little as sixty
    No, I mean when you crack your iPhone screen, yes broken.
    It's a very it's an emergency.
    It's an emergency.
    Yeah, and you want you know, you can't use her phone if it's broke exactly.
    It's a drag.
    All Puls repairs have a lifetime warranty.
    Yep, they'll fix the screen.
    So that's what to do when your iPhone screen is broken and thank you guys for watching
    this video.
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