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MANGA SENPAI STRIKES [7] Komawari 2 | How to make manga by Japanese manga-ka

MANGA SENPAI STRIKES [7] Komawari 2 | How to make manga by Japanese manga-ka
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    Hello! This is Manga Senpai.
    Manga Senpai here!
    Today's theme is "Komawari".
    But what I feel more important is...
    What is important in making manga is backup.
    We are recording this video twice. You know what that means.
    I tell you about old days backup.
    MO disc.
    I had been saving progressing datas here. Manga datas for weekly magazine.
    I had been copying data in MO from PC.
    My editor said, "Hurry Up! The printing service will be closing soon!"
    And I gave him MO while copying is undone.
    Both datas had broken.
    Nothing left.
    So bad.
    It could be possible.
    Now we can send data by Internet. Good era.
    You should be careful.
    I, personally take a lot of care about backup manga datas.
    Like NAS. I'd like to tell you about this in later video.
    Saving datas in different space is very important.
    Without it,
    the biggest danger is the human error.
    Though you made a lot of copied HD,
    if someone, a staff, made a mistake
    and delete one of the HD,
    the data deletion is synchronized and all data is gone.
    Though you backup a number of times,
    there is no meaning when a human error happened.
    So I'd like to consider
    how to make nice and neat manga saving system
    in later video "Manga System". Maybe.
    Today's theme is Komawari.
    First, Japanese manga style,
    Do not make so many small komas.
    There is some basic patternsof layouts of komas in Japanese style manga.
    Like "Kata" in Japanese martial arts such as Karate.
    Generally, when you part a page into 2 Koma,
    There are only 2 pattern. Horizontal and vertical.
    I memorized the Eng words.
    Because this is 2nd time.
    And to break into 3 Komas,
    there are only 6 patterns.
    Roughly speaking,
    these 8 are basic patterns of Komawari. Frame layout.
    You can cover almost all patterns of Komawari by these.
    This is "Violence Action" by Asai Renji and Sawada Shin.
    Sawada Shin aka. Muroi Daisuke.
    Muroi Daisuke-sensei is not very famous but a great manga-ka who have enthusiastic fans.
    ("Maniac" and "minor" means "well-known only to those in the know" in Japanese-English.)
    I'm a huge fan of his works like "Akitsu"
    "Ebata's Rock" "Youkai Reseacher Yoshimura" (Youkai is Japanese monster)
    These are so great to read. Not known to foreigners yet.
    You have lot to learn from his works.
    Look this Komawari...
    Violence Action.
    The komawari is a variation of this horizontal pattern.
    This page is ...
    a variation of this pattern.
    By breaking these patterns with some lines,
    like this,
    you can cover gerenal patterns of frame layout.
    Plus, the important thing is...
    it is okay to finish layout by these patterns...
    but you can make one of Koma bigger.
    You decide which Koma you make bigger first. The cut you want to make more impressive.
    This is Japanese style.
    You call big Koma as "Misegoma" sometimes.
    "Misegoma" means "Attractive Koma".
    Why you call so?
    In this big Koma, you draw impressive cut,
    which to move readers hearts. Cuts to attract people.
    Feeling... reader...
    by making rhythm.
    You make rhythm by changing the size of Komas.
    Like "Tap Tap BOOM!!"
    Tap Tap BOOM!!
    You make stronger part and weaker part by this. It is important to shake readers' feeling effectively.
    Good. This is good time to end this lesson.
    Today's summary.
    First, you consider this 8 patterns. And make one of Koma bigger.
    It makes a good rhythm of scenes and moves reader's feeling.
    Good luck manga writers!
    Let's do it!
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    See you soon!
    Next Time!
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