How To Write A Really Good Book And Not Feel Overwhelmed!

How To Write A Really Good Book And Not Feel Overwhelmed!
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    So if you want to connect with readers and sell more books.
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    I'm going to be sharing five tips that don't necessarily have to all do with writing, but
    it will help you to improve your writing and write a really good book.
    So let's get started.
    So in today's video I'm going to be providing five tips that will help you to write a really
    good book.
    Now I'm excited to be giving these tips because none of these tips are writing related.
    Let me repeat none of these tips are writing related.
    All of the tips that I'm going to be sharing in this video are either mindset or strategy
    related tips
    that will help you to overcome that feeling of being overwhelmed and it will get you started
    writing a book that you could be proud of and a really good book that serves your audience.
    So let's get started with tip number one.
    Tip number one - your book will never be perfect.
    So this is coming from someone who has written for a very long time.
    Your book will never be perfect!
    Every single time you get ready to publish a book, whether you have been writing for
    one year or five years or 10 years there's always gonna be something... something that
    you want to change, something that you feel is not good enough.
    Now with that being said, I absolutely encourage you guys to publish your best final draft.
    YOUR best final draft, but also remember that this is a journey.
    So this is your first book.
    This is your first endeavor.
    It may not be as perfect as you want it to be.
    But that's okay.
    Again, it is a writing journey.
    Tip number two - pace yourself.
    It's only the first book.
    So you really have to give yourself freedom to learn the publishing industry.
    For most of you, this is a new industry that you're going in so there's a lot of different
    aspects that you need to learn on top of the writing itself.
    So give yourself some freedom!
    Pace yourself to learn the information. Obviously, most of us want to write the book in a year
    or under a year, if at all possible.
    But for most of us (with our full time careers) it's going to require an education along
    with the writing itself.
    So give yourself enough time to learn the writing as well as the publishing industry
    Tip number three is specifically for fiction writers, but nonfiction writers can gain value
    from it as well... and that is to be open minded.
    So most of us as writers are writing from our own personal experiences, things that
    we've had happen in our own personal lives.
    And so when we write characters, most of those characters are going to have familiar personality
    Either things that we have in ourselves or something that we know in our close family
    and friends. But it's also important to be open minded to seeing things from different perspectives.
    That is going to allow you to write varied characters that aren't one dimensional and
    be characters that your readers can relate to, which also translates into being a really
    good book.
    Tip number four is a strategy tip and that is to write something that is currently missing
    in the marketplace.
    Tip number five - be relatable! So it doesn't really matter whether you write fiction or
    nonfiction books, being relatable helps you to connect to your target audience which is
    really important because it helps the reader to feel connected to your book. And in some
    ways that also makes them feel as though it's a really good book when its so relatable to
    the journey that they're on.
    So let's say for example, you write in nonfiction maybe in the personal finance genre.
    I would recommend that you share some of your own experiences, whether they're good experiences
    or bad experiences so that you're relatable to your target audience.
    Same thing with fiction books.
    If you are writing characters or creating plot twists, make them relatable to the current
    Things that people can latch on to and make them feel like the book is relatable to them.
    If you want to connect with readers and sell more books.
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