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    we have a lot of new people getting into our sport and I get messages every day
    from people asking questions about everything from trailers to how you load
    your trailer tie-downs how do you use them what's the best way to do it so I
    thought today I will cover real quick on how to use a ratchet strap that's
    actually a question I get quite a bit because some people just aren't real
    familiar with them and how they work so before they go out and get them and tie
    down a new ATV or side by side they want to make sure they know how to do it so
    fortunately for me Melissa had us go to Lowe's and grab some mulch here today
    and we're gonna show you how to use a ratchet strap on our load of mulch that
    we went and got so first of all this is your basic ratchet strap style right
    here as you as you lift the handle it gets tighter and what you want to do is
    make sure you have it straight you don't want to have this off to an angle and
    start cranking you want to have this nice and straight as you crank now once
    you get to where you're going there's no way you're gonna just grab a hold of
    that strap and get it loose so this handle right here there's teeth in here
    and you can see those teeth in there when I release that handle it releases
    them from those teeth so as I open this up there's a cam in there and the cam is
    gonna release this inside spring latch right here so then you have two of them
    that you just loosened up and that's how you open it so I can show you real quick
    how this works when your ratchet strap is shut everything is tight this
    is tight it won't move inside there but when you release this right here and
    then you can see right here see this is on the teeth as I keep coming around
    coming around coming around BAM it opens that up so it pushes that away from the
    teeth and that frees up this center piece here so I can pull it and it'll
    spool free now one thing I see a lot when we're on the trail head
    we'll be loading up ATVs and side-by-sides and this will happen and
    some people will absolutely have a come apart because they aren't sure how to web
    it back up to get it to strap up right because if you strap it up like this
    from the inside you're doing it the wrong way
    because if you come around like this
    like that on the inside when you go to ratchet it you that's not the right way
    because your straps on the inside so that's wrong you don't want to strap it
    from the inside you want to make sure it's on the outside so the best way to
    do that is to take your strap and if you want to move this slat around to where
    you want to get to it just take it like that and you can see that slat really
    easy so then you just take your strap and you run it through like that right
    there and now you're good to go okay so that's that's how it works so you want
    your strap to look like that and then what you want to do is you want to make
    sure it's nice and straight no twists so that when you put it on your load
    what you want to do then is you want to pull it as tight as you can you don't
    want to start with your strap way out here and try and ratchet it you want to
    take it make it as tight as you can like that and then you want to start
    ratcheting so that way what you pull up in here keeps it nice and tight because
    if you have too much in here and you have slack it's not going to do you any
    good it won't tighten up and then something else that a lot of people
    don't understand is if they have a strap and it gets all muddy and grody and it's
    been outside in the weather and it's getting weathered all you have to do is
    just take them maybe hit them with the power washer clean them up and then
    maybe use some WD-40 on the mechanics there and get it to where it's working
    real nice and easy again so there you go it's pretty easy to do practice makes
    perfect all you got to do is get yourself a set
    of straps these are smart straps I'm using right here they sell them
    everywhere Walmart tractor supply Lowe's Home Depot these are for sale everywhere
    so just pick yourself up some straps practice makes perfect that way when you
    get out on the trail in front of your buddies you can show off a little bit
    and be like oh yeah I got this
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