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How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Grow Revenue | TopGunTV

How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Grow Revenue | TopGunTV
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    and so we set up three groups and we initiate discussions on those groups we
    send useful tips and ideas to people in those groups you maybe comment on the
    value of setting up your own groups to share information with and what we
    should be doing with groups and also what we should be doing when we belong
    to other people's groups for example I know it's been a very inappropriate for
    us to post promotional type things in other people's discussions in other
    people's groups so would you like to commit just a little bit about the use
    of groups absolutely so I wouldn't recommend that it's something that you
    dealt into without thinking it through as you know when from managing your own
    groups it is quite a big commitment we also managed a group called the
    entrepreneur Club Australia in New Zealand and it is quite you know quite a
    full-on task to to manage and make sure the content is good quality at the end
    of the day the key things that route managers are looking for is that people
    are posting things which do add value so promotional stuff is normally frowned
    upon and we find that it doesn't generate as strong results if you are
    commenting on groups and it's not your own group and you are actually
    participating in discussions we find that that can be an extremely great good
    way to get your brand in front of your target audience so and I would suggest
    if you are posting to post something of interest that adds value rather than
    looking for something which has a call to action at the end of it and then also
    you know commenting on other people's discussions if so many comments on your
    post then by all means make sure you reply and keep the conversation flowing
    because what we find is when you have them when you have more engagement and
    more comments and more likes on your post it actually moves towards the top
    of the group's post and which means you start to get the snowball effect and it
    can actually go into a situation of becoming viral so I'll give you an
    example like a LinkedIn publisher post that I saw somebody made
    up in Sydney and he was just outlining some of the reasons why he preferred
    LinkedIn to Facebook and the title of the article was why I left Facebook now
    quite creative he decided to put a picture of Mark Zuckerberg in the
    article other than rather than himself and when you tie the photograph of Mark
    Zuckerberg to the why I left Facebook title it gave the impression that
    perhaps Mark Zuckerberg and handed in his
    resignation and his left Facebook which obviously is pretty quite a hot news
    topic so he went to get from getting um you know few views on his profile a day
    too literally getting about 150 odd thousand people do this article within a
    space of seven days well so that's really the power of LinkedIn
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