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How to Screen Capture on a Mac | #EasyWins

How to Screen Capture on a Mac | #EasyWins
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    - Ever wanted to know the best way
    to screen record on a Mac?
    If you have, then you're in the right place.
    Because in this easy win,
    I'm going to share a step-by-step guide
    on how to do exactly this.
    A lot of people actually think the best way
    to record on your screen is to simply grab out
    your camera or phone and actually film the screen.
    The reasons why this option is frowned upon
    by yours truly is because if you point
    the camera at the screen of a computer,
    you will often times see the pixels on the screen,
    have parts of it looking out of focus,
    and the worst being revealing how
    dirty your screen truly is.
    And believe me, your audience won't appreciate that.
    So the best method to get a crystal clear recording
    on your Mac is to utilise Screen Capture.
    This handy tool is perfect for tutorials and walk-throughs
    and for your audience to either follow along
    or see exactly what you're doing.
    So let's jump right in and show you how to do this.
    Step one:
    Open QuickTime on your Mac.
    If you're one of those people that have a PC,
    shame on you.
    Just kidding.
    But you will need to download software
    to be able to utilise screen recordings.
    Step two:
    Once you're in QuickTime,
    you will then go into File,
    and click New Screen Recording.
    Step three:
    It's as simple as clicking the record button
    and your screen to begin capturing.
    Step four:
    Once your are finished, you can stop the recording
    by pressing the stop icon in the top of your screen.
    If you're happy with your recording,
    then don't forget to save it.
    There are two handy tips around this process.
    The first one being the resolution size of your screen
    will determine the resolution that
    your video is captured in.
    So if you want to zoom in on your screen capture
    without losing any of the detail,
    then consider capturing it on perhaps a 5K monitor
    rather than a 1080p laptop.
    The other tip is to make sure that all
    the information on your screen is
    appropriate for your audience to see.
    Leaving text messages, emails, strange YouTube videos,
    or even people's personal details on your screen
    is not what you want your audience to be focusing on
    when you're trying to educate them.
    Do you know what time it is?
    It's bonus tip time!
    (loud enthusiastic shouting)
    Today's bonus tip is about screen capturing on your iPhone.
    It's as simple as going into Settings,
    Control Centre,
    Customised Controls,
    Add Screen Recording,
    then swipe up on your phone,
    press the Screen Capture button,
    wait three seconds and begin recording.
    Hopefully this video has given you
    an easy win to try out for yourselves.
    Don't forget to give us a follow and subscribe
    to our channel to get the latest and greatest
    videos from Shootsta.
    See you next time.
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