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How to Ride a Motorcycle Easily in Bengali || Beginners Guide || Step by Step || Yamaha FZ-S V2.0

How to Ride a Motorcycle Easily in Bengali || Beginners Guide || Step by Step || Yamaha FZ-S V2.0
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    and welcome to my Channel
    this is MrKrish
    and as promised in my old video
    today I'm going to make a video on How to Ride a Motorcycle
    in bengali
    So for all my Bengali Friends
    I'm going to make this video in Bengali
    so lets start
    Music (Intro)
    Music (Intro)
    Music (Intro)
    How to ride motorcycle for the first time
    first of all before riding
    the things you need are
    safety gears, means Helmet
    Good quality shoes
    if you have riding boots
    thats a plus, Elbow guard, knee guard
    etc. Now second
    How to ride a motorcycle
    First start with the controls
    motorcycles are divided in two parts
    left side
    and right side
    left side is for
    Clutch & the gear
    and the right side is for braking
    come let me show you some controls
    you can see this lever
    this is
    Clutch lever
    and this small pedal right here
    this is called gear pedal
    so how gear works
    in yamaha fz
    there are five gears
    some have four and some have six gears
    but the gearing ratio is same for all
    assume this is in nutral
    now press down
    for gear number 1
    then pull it up for
    2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th for some bikes
    neutral lies between 1st and 2nd gear
    now the right side
    you see this lever
    this is the front brake
    which applies brake on the front wheel
    and this is rear brake for rear wheel
    ok, so
    naturally start the bike in neutral
    what happens besically
    bike stands still in nutral
    doesn't engage the wheel and the engine
    while in gear the wheel engages
    and the bike gets motion
    so u have to learn this thing
    leaving the clutch and moving the bike
    realeasing clutch moves the bike
    this is what is to learn
    come lets see the controls
    whats in a bike
    these are rear view mirrors, which is very important
    safety features of the bike
    this is clutch, this handle bar is false
    we hold it in motion to keep our balance
    this is throttle, with the help of this
    your bike accelerate
    this is the instrumental console where
    information related to bike are shown
    like speed, distance etc
    I hv made a separate video on this. click the i button
    now theswitch gear, this red switch here
    is the pass switch, this is for high beam low beam
    this is indicator, indicator left indicator right
    no indicator, this is
    this switch is engine kill switch for emergency situation
    to turn off the bike
    to turn off the bike
    this is two step
    headlight switch
    that is
    one step for pilot lamp , 2nd step for
    main headlight and this is push start button
    these two are aftermarket switch which i have installed later
    put the key in and rotate right
    bike is in ignition mode
    now let me show you this red switch is for
    passing switch, pressing it will
    flash the headlamp
    and this is indicator switch, this is for left indicator
    and this is for right indicator and push to switch off the indicator
    this is the horn (Honking)
    ok now coming to this side
    so this is the two step head light switch
    in the first step
    pilot lamp is on
    and second step for headlight
    and with this switch headlight will be up and down
    you can see high beam - low beam
    and this switch is for starting the bike
    before starting the bike always remember
    bike is in neutral mode.. the neutral light is blinking
    that means the bike is in neutral
    next how to hop on to the bike
    always hop on from the left side
    cause the side stand is at the left side
    when you park your bike using side stand
    the bike leans to the left
    so hopping on from the left is easier
    like this, yes!
    now rest both the hand on the handle bar
    remember to puton the side stand
    start the bike
    now how to start the bike
    always remember that start the bike in neutral mode
    pull the clutch to change the gear
    now pulling in the clutch
    now one step down
    1st gear, neutral light is gone
    that means the bike is in 1st gear
    now you can see the bike is engaged, cannot pushforward or backward
    but whenever you
    put your leg down the pedal
    and put to neutral
    hard shift goes to 2nd
    bike is released in neutral mode
    it can move forward and backward freely
    ok now
    bike can be started in any gear holding the clutch
    you can
    but this is not recommended
    it is better to start the bike in neutral
    so what to do
    check that the bike is in neutral
    check that the bike is in neutral
    always make sure to puton the side stand
    for extra safety pull in the clutch
    then push the button for start
    the bike started
    now you can
    release the clutch cause bike is in neutral
    no worries.... now what
    this switch is for emergency cutoff
    to turn off the bike
    how to ride
    bike is in neutral
    pull in the clutch
    start the bike
    now put the bike in 1st gear
    for that
    pull in the clutch
    and put it to 1st gear
    bike is in first gear, neutral light gone
    now what
    release the clutch slowly, no need to accelerate first
    no need to touch it, like me
    now release the clutch slowly
    and fell that your bike started moving
    like this
    I'm releasing the clutch slowly
    I hvnt accelerate
    put up my legs
    now the bike is moving
    so first you have to learn this
    how much clutch release can roll the bike
    without stalling it
    for 1st few time
    you might stall
    while releasing the clutch
    the bike might stall
    but no need to worry about that
    Engine will not be hurt
    if you release your clutch like this
    bike will stall, but no worries
    once again pull in the clutch
    no worries
    put it to neutral
    start the bike
    repeat the process
    practice it until it is easy
    no worries
    about engine
    only just find the
    sweet spot of the muscle memory
    sweet spot of the muscle memory
    sweet spot of the muscle memory
    where the bike
    started rolling
    started rolling
    dont release more than that
    the bike
    started rolling, after it gets a little motion
    you can release the clutch, no problem at all
    so once again
    neutral mode, pull in the clutch
    start the bike
    1st gear, then slowly
    release the clutchand the bike started moving
    after getting decend motion
    then you can release the clutch, look already at
    then you can release the clutch, look already at 6kmph
    bike is running
    now if you want to increase the speed
    slightly roll the throttle
    accelerate the bike
    and the speed will increase
    this is the way of how to ride a motorcycle
    so this thing to learn
    so this thing to learn
    how to release the clutch, now
    now how to change the gear
    once again bike is in neutral position
    pull in the clutch
    start the bike, put it to 1st gear
    now at a time slight throttle and releas the clutch
    bike will started rolling
    now assume bike is in a descend speed
    now time for changing the gear
    release the throttle , pull in the clutch
    put it to 2nd gear
    again slowly release the clutch
    bike catches its speed
    now release the clutch full
    cause the bike is in motion now
    no problem
    now how to stop
    bike is running in 2nd gear, now once down to neutral
    pull in the clutch, put to neutral
    now slowly brake
    and stop the bike
    for the first few days
    while learning
    maintain the speed between 10-15kmph
    and both your feet will be down
    so concentrate
    using front brake
    so hope
    this video will help you learn riding bike
    its easy
    but needs confidence
    learn riding with confident
    very easy
    keep practicing
    today this vlog is for my bengali friends
    today this vlog is for my bengali friends
    today this vlog is for my bengali friends
    how to like the video
    please like the video, subscribe
    and as always
    spread love
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