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How to Remain Peaceful in Every Situation - Sadhguru 2018

How to Remain Peaceful in Every Situation - Sadhguru 2018
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    the peace our peace will happen because of orderliness is that essentially the
    gist of it
    we have been India has been a magnificent chaos always not today
    always each person doing his own thing everybody thinks he's a genius by
    himself alright I'm in the same house five
    different people are worship worshiping twenty five different gods there is no
    order in anything but there has been peace in many ways if you look back in
    the history of various regions of the planet we have been probably the most
    peaceful people on the planet this is not because of orderliness this is
    because unless you unless you can keep your mind peaceful how can you keep your
    home peaceful town peaceful world peaceful if your mind is in turmoil
    everything is orderly something crazy will happen something really crazy will
    happen so people always ask me such guru you are saying India is such a spiritual
    and particularly when I'm travelling outside the country but see there in
    such poverty this that I tell them you just come and see in India for example
    wherever ashram is in Tamil Nadu about 12 kilometers from the ashram there is a
    police station now they upgraded it to 11 policemen
    early all these years it used to be eight policemen at any time three or
    four will be on the leaf one sub-inspector and twelve policeman now
    three four will always be on leaf they have no vehicles the sub-inspector has
    his own private hero honda the others have bicycles if you say a murder has
    happened they will ask you I really come anyway the man is dead bring him here
    I'm saying there is really no law enforcement and people are not living in
    great comfort or something they're living basix lives in the village ashram
    is there there's another university cars are going up and down people are driving
    Mercedes BMWs up and down these people are living in abject poverty
    nobody ever jumps on these people kills them takes what they have it never
    happens this is spirituality if you remove the
    police in New York City for three days whatever happens in two-and-a-half to
    three minutes the police are there armed police not just police always armed
    police in spite of that so much happens you remove the police for three days in
    New York City you will see what how it will happen
    so now peace is a consequence of how we are within ourselves the essential
    fundamental of this culture has been simple aspects or simple tools of yoga
    have been introduced to every human being how to sit when you eat how you
    should sit when you do your puja how you miss it if you receive how you must
    receive if you give how you must give for everything there is an asana mudra a
    particular pattern even breath patterns were given for different activities how
    to do this is a distorted version of yoga which has happened over many
    millennia initially proper yoga was taught to every human being at one time
    over millennia because of invasions and various things Corrections did not
    happen so distorted versions of yoga are happening even today at least 70% of the
    Indians without knowing what is yoga they are practicing some simple form at
    least the way they stand the way they sit there doing some yoga
    and this has made the difference because your minds are peaceful society is
    peaceful because what you call a society or the world is a larger manifestation
    of the human mind if you do not know how to keep yourself peaceful world peace
    world peace I have been to all those international peace conferences many
    times and I decided not to go about six years ago anymore because it's just
    talking shops world peace world peace speeches are given speeches are given
    and some people are bringing 50-page speech and reading it reading it reading
    it peace happens because everybody falls asleep so I was in a peace conference
    conference like this in Puerto Rico and there are over 30 Nobel laureates so all
    of them they're talking about world peace world this world besides just ask
    them a simple question how many of you can put your hand on your heart and say
    that you are peaceful in your mind if you don't know how to keep your mind
    peaceful please don't talk about world peace and this peace being the highest
    goal is essentially come to us from outside we never thought this a big
    thing because to be peaceful is not the ultimate goal of your life today I am
    unfortunately even in India even the so-called spiritual leaders are talking
    about peace of mind as the highest goal such people will only rest in peace
    because if you want to enjoy your dinner today you must at least be peaceful
    isn't it yes if you want to enjoy the company of your family at least you must
    be peaceful if you are not joyful at least peaceful if you want to enjoy the
    work that you're doing you must be peaceful tell me is this a
    fundamental requirement or is the final goal of your life it is the most
    fundamental requirement every animal is capable of this as soon as their stomach
    is full they sit there peacefully even a buffalo is able to do it
    what is the problem with the human being because you have an intelligence that
    you do not know how to manage that's your problem isn't it the problem means
    you have an intelligence that you do not know how to manage you do not know how
    to manage as I said to the lady that you have not read the user's manual you've
    not paid attention to this one that is the main problem all kinds of things
    whatever you deprived off rises to heaven this happened to me I was to
    speak in tel-aviv a few years ago and I am flying from Atlanta and flights are
    late I am to land there in the morning and speak at 6:30 in the evening but I
    land there at 6:00 in the evening so I quickly change in the airport and rush
    to the thing because in these 33 years have not been late to a single
    appointment yet I don't want to break that so I rushed to the place and I have
    been flying an American airline so there is nothing edible on the plane so I'm
    famished and when I go there I find that the
    venue of the talk is a restaurant can be life can't be better isn't it so I am
    happy that it's a restaurant at least you can smell the food I have not eaten
    since early morning or the previous day so I went there and people are already
    coming in and they're greeting me one man comes in says Shalom I asked him
    what does it mean he says this is the highest way of greeting
    I said that's your opinion but what does it mean says no no this is the highest
    way of greeting all right what does the word mean he says it means peace then I
    said why would peace be the highest way of greeting unless you're born in Middle
    in South India if you come come up to me in the morning and say peace
    I will say what's wrong with you what's the matter today so whatever you
    deprived off will become the highest thing please don't make it the highest
    thing peace is not the highest goal happiness is not the highest goal all
    these things is a little child you were capable of it
    isn't it so yes this is not something that you achieve at the end of your life
    this was the square one of your life unfortunately most lives have moved
    backward not forward so peace will come from orderliness know when people are
    peaceful they can be anyway and still be okay when people are violent order is
    needed I must tell you this one of the Kennedys you know the Kennedy family
    came to the ashram and they stayed for a month or so then he is a mad passionate
    driver he wants to drive I said if you drive you will kill Indian people
    because many of them are checking their horoscopes every day on the street
    because their astrologer has told them you will live for eighty five years they
    want to check on the street so they'll suddenly walk in they will suddenly fall
    under your wheels you're supposed to do something and prove his horoscope right
    so I said this is not for you this is not like America just gassing up and
    going this is different you don't write he said no such guru I
    want to drive then we put on escort car for him any behind this car you drive
    so he thoroughly enjoyed he drove to Kerala he drove over he went to Gujarat
    Rajasthan and then he left when I went to America
    there was a Robert Kennedy 25th anniversary he went where I went so I
    asked him what was your experience of driving in India Sadhguru people are so
    peaceful in America everybody is in a rage which is true everything is in
    order if little go off the order people will burst to understand the emotions
    will burst on the street just like that here
    everybody's trying to get under your wheel still you are not bad because
    because mind is peaceful largely outside is peaceful not because of the order but
    we will lose this we will lose this in the coming years if we don't do the
    necessary work we are still eating cold food what work was done in the previous
    generations we're still enjoying now if we don't do the necessary work next
    generations will not have the same thing
    so use peace equivalent to order not at all
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