How to Record Mouse Movements on Screen to a Video | Brighton West Video

How to Record Mouse Movements on Screen to a Video | Brighton West Video
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    - Do you wanna make those cool videos where
    the mouse is highlighted as it moves around the screen,
    or where the screen zooms in to really show the audience
    exactly where they're supposed to be looking?
    Those videos are great for keeping the audience's attention
    and focusing that attention exactly where you want it to go.
    So if this is your PowerPoint presentation
    or you're sharing something on your screen,
    today I'm gonna show you how to do that.
    It can be done in a couple different softwares.
    Today, I'm gonna be using Camtasia.
    It works on a PC or a Mac.
    Thanks for watching.
    See ya in the screenshare.
    (rock theme music)
    So this is Camtasia version three,
    and what you'll do first is you're gonna record
    your presentation or whatever's on your screen.
    So let's do that first.
    Head over to the top left.
    It says Record, and I'm going to click on that.
    And it shows here what it's going to record.
    So we've got the built-in microphone, and that's green
    so we're gonna record my voice.
    It's going to record the color LCD
    or the screen of the computer.
    You can also switch over, switch it to, you know,
    different sizes that you might wanna record
    just part of the screen, or choose something unique,
    but I usually just do the full screen
    and then cut it down to size later.
    So let's do that.
    Do we need the system audio, like if it's playing some music
    or making noises,
    and if you want the FaceTime camera or any other webcam.
    So if you wanna have yourself visible on the final product.
    So, I'm happy with this.
    I'm just gonna go through a quick little YouTube lesson,
    I guess, just to show you how this works.
    So let's go ahead and start the recording.
    It's gonna give me a countdown of three seconds.
    And now it's ready to go.
    You'll notice up top here,
    this little film icon has turned red,
    so that means that we're recording.
    So I'm just gonna go ahead and give this a sample.
    So I'm gonna go to the upper right and click on this,
    and then click on the Creator Studio.
    And then once I'm inside Creator Studio,
    I'm gonna go ahead and click on Analytics over here.
    And this is the analytics for a test account
    which doesn't have any videos,
    so it doesn't have any analytics.
    But that is just a sample recording that I'll use to
    explain how to add the cursor and zooms and whatnot.
    So let's, now I'm gonna head up here
    and click on this icon again and say Stop Recording.
    Okay, so now what it's done is it's brought it in,
    it's put it in the Media bin here.
    This is our recording of the screen,
    and it also has put it down here on our timeline.
    So essentially we've got the stuff you can do over here,
    what does it look like here in the viewer,
    and then this is the timeline going along
    just what's displayed here at the playhead
    is what's gonna show up in the upper right,
    or upper, the viewer.
    And then we've got this over here.
    This is the properties.
    So we can turn properties on or off.
    I always just leave that on
    so that we can see what's going on.
    So let me go ahead and put the playhead
    all the way to the left
    and I'm just gonna push the play button here.
    And now it's ready to go.
    You'll notice up top here, this little film.
    So what I'm gonna do is find the spot
    where I actually start the presentation.
    Let's see.
    Looks like it's maybe right here.
    Let's give it a play.
    So I'm gonna go to the upper right.
    Yep, so that's where I start describing it.
    And you can see here, what this is is the volume
    of what you've recorded.
    So anytime you're speaking, it's recording this
    kind of wave form here.
    So it makes it an easy way
    to find parts of your presentation.
    So I am gonna get rid of this first little bit.
    So I can go to the edge of this and click on it
    once it gets this little arrow, and then move it over.
    And now I'm gonna take this whole thing
    and click on it and move it to the beginning.
    So now I'm at zero.
    Okay, so you can see here
    where the mouse is moved around a lot.
    So let's go over here and this is where
    we're gonna add effects.
    So we'll start with the Cursor Effects,
    and we've got three choices.
    You can magnify what's underneath the cursor,
    you can highlight the cursor,
    or you can kind of gray out everything else.
    So let's just do this real quick.
    Let's do a cursor highlight,
    and you take it and just drag it down here.
    And you'll see this little button shows up here,
    this little arrow.
    You can click on that and you'll see
    this is one of the effects
    so it'll layer these effects on here.
    And also it's as long as the effect is taking place.
    So we could say, well don't do this in the beginning.
    We're only gonna do it once we reach
    a certain point in this clip,
    and then we're gonna make it go away at a certain point.
    So just stretching the ends of those
    is gonna apply that cursor effect.
    So let's go ahead and
    check and see what it looks like right now.
    So you can see the cursor's in the upper right.
    Click on the Creator Studio.
    And then once I'm inside.
    So that's the highlighted cursor.
    We can change things like how big is it,
    we can change the color of the highlight
    over here on properties.
    So lots of choices there.
    And I'm gonna go and take that one off
    just by highlighting it and deleting it.
    And let's just go show you what a cursor spotlight is,
    'cause this one's kinda cool, too.
    This essentially grays out the background.
    You can also do things so the opacity here
    we can show the background, but let's blur it all out
    so the only thing that's visible here is
    what's underneath the cursor.
    So everything else is blurred or everything else,
    you can even do it so it's everything else is just,
    has no color.
    So the only spots on the screen that have color
    are underneath the cursor.
    So there's a lot of ways that you can choose to highlight
    where the cursor is.
    The one thing that I don't like about this is
    I have a tendency to move the cursor around a little bit
    as I'm going, as I'm talking,
    and that makes this jittery feeling on the screen
    if you're just having it automatically
    chase the cursor around the screen.
    But it is definitely easy.
    So let's go ahead and I'm gonna take this
    and I'm gonna delete it out.
    Now we're gonna try a different effect.
    This is the zoom in effect.
    So let's go over here to Animations.
    I'm gonna actually zoom this screen out a lot
    so I have some space to work around this.
    We're gonna move the playhead
    to where we want the animation to take place,
    so where we wanna zoom in.
    And I'm gonna choose a custom one
    and drop it down here on top of the thing I wanna animate.
    And you'll see this time it gives us an arrow.
    So we can kind of set the arrow for
    what's it gonna look like in the beginning,
    and what's it gonna look like in the end.
    So the beginning is fine where it is.
    Let's put the playhead at the end here.
    And now we're going to change the properties.
    So you can see here there's a couple different options.
    One is the actual film that you're looking at
    or the video that's on the screen, the visual properties.
    So we're gonna change the visual properties.
    I'm just going to take this corner here
    and drag it out.
    And make sure you're not moving things around like that,
    that you're actually using the arrow.
    So say we wanted to zoom into this particular spot here.
    And so then it's gonna be zoomed in for a while
    and then let's go ahead
    and we'll move it over to a new spot.
    So we'll drag down another custom animation,
    drag it onto here, we can change it.
    Let's make this one go really fast this time.
    And we'll take this one and we're gonna move it up here
    so this is what we're looking at at that point.
    So let me go ahead and play this.
    So I'm gonna move the playhead back here just by clicking,
    and go ahead and play and I'll show you what it does.
    And then once I'm inside Creator Studio,
    I'm gonna go ahead and click on.
    So you can see here, this is the screen.
    This is what's gonna end up in the actual video,
    and this is just showing us the parts
    that are being cut off.
    So you can see that was a nice, slow zoom in.
    And let me go over here and continue playing.
    And you see how it moved over rather quickly.
    So you've got lots of options here.
    You can change things you can say, you know what,
    I wanna move it around.
    I want to, after that transition, make it less dense,
    make it rotate.
    So lots and lots of options.
    And once you are finished setting everything
    the way you like it,
    then you will go up to the share button in the upper right
    is a good spot to go,
    and I like to save it to a local file first.
    You can go directly to YouTube or Google Drive
    or Screencast, but I prefer to go to a local file
    to get it saved on my hard drive
    and then upload that file to something like YouTube
    or Vimeo or whatnot.
    Thanks for watching.
    I help coaches, authors, and speakers
    who want to use YouTube to reach a worldwide audience.
    So if that happens to be you,
    I'd love it if you went over to my website
    and scheduled just a 20-minute chat with me.
    We can talk about how you're using video in your business
    or how you want to use video in your business.
    Of course, the tips that I share online
    are great for any small business
    or just about anyone who wants to use YouTube.
    So if that's you, you can of course hit the subscribe button
    to see my future videos.
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