How To Prevent Temper Tantrums During Haircuts│Shaping

How To Prevent Temper Tantrums During Haircuts│Shaping
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    hi my name is Heather Nunziato and I'm a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with
    Brett DiNovi & Associates autism is a spectrum disorder meaning that how it
    affects each person is extremely different not one person is the same so
    when going out with individuals with autism for community-based activities
    such as going out to eat taking public transportation or getting a haircut they
    can all go through different experiences they might process it in a completely
    different way from one person to another and they all might experience different
    types of sensory experiences anxiety or any other challenges that might be
    different from one another so in this video I will briefly be going over the
    process and the steps it takes to be getting a haircut out in the community
    and finding the success with your client and working with the stylist in the
    salon to have them understand what it takes to work with this type of
    population is room these things and we've been working on
    it slowly and now we're to a point now where this is probably the best he's
    ever done he didn't take anything he didn't say anything and she's actually
    not the stylist here before it was just as quick as we could to get an cuts it's
    been such a wonderful positive experience because it just his hair is
    just it's been such a challenging issue for us
    the mother mentioned in the video that this was the first place that her son
    was able to get a haircut from start to finish she explained how the staff at
    the hair salon are extremely patient and they understand the process it takes to
    work with an individual with autism and that they have to remain completely
    patient and understand that each person is different so that they might react
    differently sitting in the chair versus another individual so some tips you can
    do when you want to take your son or daughter to get their hair cut could be
    calling the salon in advance and asking them what is the a good time to come
    when it's not very crowded so the individual may not be as distracted
    there may not be other stuff going on if the place is empty or just not crowded
    they might be able to focus a little bit more also asking if anyone works there
    does have experience working with individuals with autism you definitely
    want them to have that background and knowledge because they're gonna have to
    know that it's a lot different than working with a typical typical
    individual when you schedule your appointment you might want to ask if
    there's a block of time that you can take out of the salon schedule some
    stylists might stack their appointments one off one after another so if they
    have extra time in their schedule they might want to block it out so that they
    give the learner some extra time because you don't really know how the
    appointment might be that and and then the next week you come in and
    we finally get him into the chair and just sit and then the next we can come
    in and I'd comb it with no cake and then he would come in the next week and be
    put the cape on and Cole Matilda says there's a mini end and we've just really
    come a long way and now I'm able to actually do a full hair cut from
    beginning to end shaping is an ABA procedure that
    involves differentially reinforcing successive approximations to reach a
    terminal behavior and in this video the terminal behavior is getting a haircut
    so the process of getting a haircut could be from walking into the salon and
    waiting for your turn to sitting in the chair putting on the cape or the gown
    that the stylist puts on you getting your hair combed getting your hair wet
    and the stylists actually able to cut your hair and then style it and then you
    leave that would be the process and those are the many responses that would
    take to reach the terminal goal so individuals with autism may already have
    those separate responses in their repertoire but they not may not be able
    to shape that and keep that in a full sequence so it is our job as the BCBS or
    the rvts to work on shaping that behavior into the actual getting a
    haircut so after each successful step of the shaping process of getting the
    haircut you want to reward the individual so if the first step was to
    just look around in the waiting area that's what receives the reinforcement
    the next session is and you go into the salon the individual will look around
    and wait in the waiting area but that's not going to be the stuff that receives
    reinforcement that's going to be put on extinction the next step would be to go
    sit in the chair and then that would receive
    reinforcement and that would continue up until he reaches the terminal behavior
    and you would receive a lot of reinforcement for meaning that goal and
    being able to sit in a quiet way and remain compliant throughout the whole
    process other strategies to use while the person is actually getting their
    hair cut could be to implement a token board in the video you see the mother
    holding a token board for her son and they can receive tokens for remaining
    compliant in the chair having their hands on their lap not swaying back and
    forth so the person with scissors in their hand can actually do their job so
    by introducing the tokens they would know that they would be earning whatever
    toy or edible that they might really want and what motivates them so if
    they're on a token economy of five and they get five already while sitting in
    the chair and the stylist still has a way to go but the haircut still you
    might want to talk to the stylist ahead of time and say is it okay if he gets a
    little bit of a break between cuts if that's alright so because he does earn
    this and you want to be able to follow through and then we can shape that by
    having the person sit in their chair for longer and they would receive their
    reinforcement at the end of the actual haircut
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