How to Pick up Girls | Kings of Tattiyapa

How to Pick up Girls | Kings of Tattiyapa
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    So many Messages!
    You are So Cool, You Have Soo many Girls around you!
    Give me Some Tips too Please
    Its not that Tough
    Girls are no Diffrent From us...
    Don't act Weird around them
    Act Cool and Normal Around them
    Yeah Chill!
    And another Thing is
    You have a face like a Kayak
    And You are Approaching a Titanic
    Thats not True Why are You saying that to me
    All I am Trying To say Is that
    You should see the Face and then Approach Girls
    Yeah I do The Same
    No Not Their Face Your Face!
    Now.. wait
    How is she?
    She is Very Beautiful!
    Do you want to Date her?
    Not a Date Atleast I can Meet her i mean...
    This is Your First Mistake
    Basically She is Out Of Your League!
    Now You see that girl Over There?
    She's Beautiful too!
    I will Teach You How To Approach her, Listen
    May I Sit Here?
    Are you a Magician?
    Because Whenever I Look at You Everyone else Disappears
    I am Not a Photographer...
    But I Can picture you and Me Together
    Please i am Busy!
    Do I Know you?
    Because you look a Lot like my Next Girlfriend
    Excuse me?
    What do you Guys Think?
    You just Read out these top Pickup lines from Google and...
    You'll Get us?
    Girls aren't objects
    So Stop Objectifying us!
    And For God's Sake we Don't want cheesy Guys Like you
    We want Romantic Guys like SRK!
    And You are no where Near That!
    We Want Guys
    Who Won't say a Word but...
    Express their Love For us Just with their Eyes
    And Hold Our Hand Slowly then...
    and Pull us Towards them
    unlike you Dumb guys!
    And Yeah!
    If You Try approaching a Girl Next Time...
    Be a Bit more Respectful!
    I Told You It isn't My cup Of Tea
    Look... I Will Show You How to Pick Up Girls!
    Excuse Me!
    Come! Come! Come!
    Aye Papya! Hit the Gas!!!!!
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