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How to Meal Prep Like a Boss

How to Meal Prep Like a Boss
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    Welcome to my kitchen, yes I brought you guys here
    because I figured out that there is a way
    that you can actually save money on food
    and that way is meal planning.
    Being intentional with not only
    what you're going to buy at the grocery store
    but what you're gonna make every week.
    And listen, being intentional about any area of your life
    is so so important, that's where you're gonna see progress.
    The more intentional you are with something,
    the better off you're gonna be and that includes
    yes, your money and yes, your food part of the budget.
    So this is what Winston and I do,
    every Sunday afternoon we sit down
    and we look at our calendar for the week
    so we go through every single night,
    we say hey what do we have, Monday night,
    Tuesday night, Wednesday night,
    Thursday night, Friday night,
    and then from there we say okay
    we're having friends over on Thursday nights
    or we're gonna go out to eat on Tuesday night
    and this is great because you're actually
    communicating with your spouse, if you're married,
    about what's going on for the week.
    So we figure out what nights we're actually
    gonna cook at home, so then we say okay
    we have these nights available, what do we wanna make?
    And then we write down our meals for each night
    that we're home then we go check the pantry
    and we say okay we're gonna make chicken Alfredo
    on Tuesday night, do we have the noodles?
    Do we have the chicken?
    Like what do we need to buy at the grocery store
    that we don't already have and then
    from there we write down our grocery list
    of every thing that we wanna buy
    at the grocery store that week for what we need
    to fix those meals and also of course
    you're gonna include things like breakfast and lunch,
    you know, your go-tos, that kind of thing,
    but what it does is just simplifies it all,
    you know exactly what you're going to make,
    'cause if you're like me you get home from work
    and you're like I'm exhausted, the end of the world
    is coming and I have to like be a mom and a parent
    and make dinner and it's like this whole thing like ugh,
    well that way you don't come home
    you're like what are we gonna have for dinner?
    It's already there for you,
    which is the best part of all of this, I think.
    And you're able to save money,
    you can take that money that you're saving
    and you can get out of debt, you can save it up
    for something that you want
    like an emergency fund, that kind of thing.
    So being intentional with that money that's saved is key.
    Now one thing that you have to do is give yourself grace
    in this process because it's not gonna be perfect
    the first time so just take a deep breath
    and say it's not gonna be perfect.
    But some great quick easy meals I always get
    from, it's a great website,
    you can check it out or I always have six ingredients
    in the kitchen because sometimes life doesn't always
    turn out the way you think it's gonna turn out that week
    and you end up being home when you think you're gonna be out
    and you're like oh what are we gonna make?
    So my six ingredients always are taco shells,
    shredded cheese, ground beef, noodles,
    pizza dough, and tomato sauce because all of those things
    whipped together, I can definitely make
    an awesome beef quesadilla, some delicious spaghetti,
    and of course pizza, my love, which, well,
    I've already meal prepped for the week.
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