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How To Make A Bird Charm Necklace: Easy Jewelry Tutorial

How To Make A Bird Charm Necklace: Easy Jewelry Tutorial
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    To make the bird charm necklace you'll need a bird charm. And we got this cute
    little bird charm at the craft store. It's 14 millimeters by 18 millimeters.
    You'll also need a crystal bicone. Ours is blue and it's three millimeters.
    You'll need a ball headpin. This is silver-plated. And you'll need some jump
    rings. Our jump rings are open jump rings, which means they're not soldered closed.
    We have two. If your lobster clasp doesn't have a jump ring, you'll need three, but
    our lobster clasp came with the jump ring, so we don't need that extra one. The
    lobster clasp is also silver-plated and ours is three millimeters by eight
    millimeters. And finally you'll need some very fine silver-plated chain. When you
    buy the chain you want to make sure that the links are big enough that you can
    fit this head pin through, but you don't want it too big, because the look should
    be delicate. For tools we have round nose pliers, we have wire cutters, and we're
    also going to use our chain nose pliers.
    To get started making the bird charm necklace what we want to do is make a
    dangle using this cute little crystal bicone. And to make the dangle we're
    going to put it onto a headpin, a ball headpin, and make a little wrapped loop
    at the top. It's going to turn it into like a charm. So I'm going to slide the
    bicone onto the ball headpin. like that. And then I'm going to make a wrapped
    loop. And to do that I'm going to use my round-nose pliers and I'm going to pinch
    just above this bead on the wire. So I'm going to come down like that, pinching
    just above that bicone on the wire, and I'm going to bend that wire 90 degrees
    towards myself just using my fingers. Like that. Then I'm going to reposition
    the pliers to the top part of that bend. So they were down here before. I'm
    basically sliding them up over that bend. Now I'm gonna make a loop by pushing the
    wire over the top jaw of the pliers. And that makes a round shape because the top
    jaw of the pliers is round. But I can't bring it all the way around because the
    bottom jaw is in the way, so I'm going to move the bottom jaw into the loop, now I
    can bring that loop all the way around the pliers. That's the only reason we
    reposition the pliers in the loop is so we can bring that wire all the way
    around to make a complete loop. There's the loop. Now I can hold that loop across
    with around those pliers and I can take the tail of the head pin wire and I can
    wrap it twice around the neck. And that's our wrapped loop. The next thing I want
    to do is trim that wire. And these are my wire cutters and I'm just putting the
    flat side against the project and trimming the wire, like that. And there's
    our little dangle. How cute is that? So that's a nice little way to make an
    extra charm for your necklace. You just put a little bead on a headpin and make
    a wrapped loop. Now that that's done, we want to put the bird charm and our
    little dangle together on one jump ring. So to do that I'm going to take a jump
    ring and I'm going to open it. I said it before, that this is an open jump ring,
    and that means it's not soldered closed. But of course we need to open it still.
    And to do that I'm going to grab the jump
    ring with the round-nose pliers alongside that opening. So I have to
    rotate it until I can see where that opening is. There's a little slit there.
    And I'm going to take my other pliers, which are my chain-nose pliers, I'm gonna
    grab the other side of the jump ring and I'm gonna rotate one side towards the
    table and one side towards me to open that jump ring. Like that. That way it
    maintains the shape of the roundness of the jump ring, but it's still open so I
    can put things on it. I'm going to put the little charm on first, that we just
    made with that bicone, and then I'm going to slide on the bird charm. And now we
    can close that jump ring. And to close it we're going to do the same thing we
    did before. We're going to grab one side with one pliers, one side with the other
    pliers, and rotate back so that that opening is closed at the top of that
    jump ring. And you can kind of press it from the side also, if it looks like
    there's a little bit of a gap, you can push a little bit together to make sure
    that that jump ring is closed.
    Here's our beautiful fine chain. When we bought this chain, we made sure that the
    links were small enough to look delicate, but big enough that we could put a jump
    ring through a link or we could put the headpin through the link. So you want to
    test that before you buy your chain. And for this necklace we want to make it
    princess length, which is about 16 inches. That will sit pretty high on the neck
    which is a great place to wear a charm. I have a little ruler here and I'm going
    to put one end of the chain on the ruler here and I'm just going to measure out
    16 inches of chain so there's 12 and 4 more is 16 now if you ever cut chain
    you'll know--you just cut right through it--but if you haven't, I'll tell you--you
    just cut right through. You're gonna basically cut away one link. That
    link becomes trash, but that's okay. So that link is broken, but that's how you
    get the chain apart. So now we've got our 16 inches of chain here and what we want
    to do next is put the bird charm on the chain. And to do that I'm going to hold
    it so I can see where the opening is inside that jump ring and I'm going to
    drop the chain down inside and then I can pull it through to get that charm
    centered on the chain. And if you're having trouble fitting your chain
    through the jump ring you can just use a bigger jump ring. So I'm going to slide
    that down to the center of the chain. And here are the ends of my chain now. I've got
    the charm on the chain and this is almost a necklace, but it needs a clasp.
    So to do that I'm going to go to one end of the chain here and I want to put the
    lobster clasp on one end. Our lobster clasp came with a jump ring on it, so we
    don't need that extra third jump ring. But if yours doesn't have a jump ring,
    you'll want to get an extra jump ring. And we're going to open that jump ring
    just the same way we did when we put the jump ring onto the charm. We're going to
    find the opening. So this is a circle of wire. It goes all the way around. And
    there's an opening at the top where the wire begins and ends to
    that jump ring. That's the opening I'm talking about that we're finding. I've
    got it lined up at the top there. I'm taking my second pair of pliers, I'm
    gonna grab the other side, I'm gonna open this just the same way we did the last
    one. I'm gonna push one side down and pull one side up. So now you can see that
    the jump ring is open so I can slide something on to it, but it's still round.
    So I'm gonna slide it into the last link of the chain. And this is why you want to
    make sure that your chain links are big enough that you can fit the jump ring
    through. Then I'm going to close the jump ring the same way I opened it. I'm gonna
    grab one side, I'm going to pull them back together. I'm lifting the bottom, the
    left one up, and I'm pushing the right one down, until they meet up together. And
    that jump ring looks good. I'm just going to make sure it's nice and closed by
    giving a little extra push there. And there's the clasp on that side. And the
    only thing we need to do now to finish this is put a jump ring on the other end.
    And to do that we're going to do the same thing. We're going to take that jump
    ring. I'm going to find the center where it's open, the top there, and I'm going to take
    two pliers and I'm gonna push the left one towards the table, the top one comes
    towards me. That jump ring is open. Now I can slide the chain onto the open jump
    ring, like that. And then I close it the same way. I grab one side with one
    pliers, one side with the other, and push those sides back together. Now I want to make
    sure that they line up together because otherwise if there's an opening in that
    jump ring, the chain could slide through the opening. I'm just going to give it a
    little extra push there to make sure that it's closed. And now I can clasp the
    necklace by opening my little lobster there and clasping it. And then you can see
    how cute this is. This delicate little bird charm necklace.

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