How to know if your relationship has a future

How to know if your relationship has a future
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    How to know if your relationship has a future.  
    Courtship leads us to experience a series of sanctions such as physical attraction,
    intimacy, and exclusivity.
    Courtship is a transitory relationship of the couple towards marriage.
    If at this moment you have a sentimental relationship and you want to formalize it, it is normal
    for a series of questions to cross your mind that leads you to question whether your relationship
    really works and if it will have a future.
    When we plan to spend the rest of our lives with the same person, we want to know what
    possibilities we have for achieving success.
    Learn to interpret signals that are essential to know if your relationship works, check
    the points that we present next:
    1. Respects your tastes.
    Respect is fundamental for relationships to be successful, for your partner to respect
    your way of dressing, doing your hair, the way you are is a sign that he loves you because
    he does not intend to change you, but to accept you.
    If you do not share tastes like watching football, agree to see if he will do it with his friends
    and that you can see your friends, it is important to talk to him so that later there are no
    2. He Accepts and shares your friendships.
    Does he get upset when you are with your friends?
    If the answer is no, you are facing a tolerant couple, because it is clear that friendships
    are part of our lives and we should cultivate them.
    3. He includes you in his long-term plans.
    When in the talks he refers to a "we", your partner openly manifests to include you in
    his plans.
    Our home, our vacations, our children, our life together, are phrases that prove to be
    totally open to the possibility of spending his life by your side.
    4. Knows how to handle the conflict.
    On an emotional level, you and your partner must know how to handle and resolve conflicts
    in an intelligent way; listening, understanding, not criticizing and giving a solution is a
    positive sign that the relationship seeks a better environment for coexistence.
    If he gives you a kiss or hug at the end of the discussion, that man is ideal for you.
    5. Same vision of the future.
    That your boyfriend has a vision about the future that comes close to the one you have,
    facilitates the way to materialize those dreams such as living on the beach, having two children,
    wanting a house with a garden.
    Do not worry if you do not want the exact same thing, but you should look for a match
    somewhere along the way.
    Take into account these 5 signs to know if your relationship works and has a future;
    If he does not include you in his plans, does do not respect your tastes, shouts and lacks
    respect during discussions, be alert because the relationship is not on track.
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