How to Identify Bed Bugs

How to Identify Bed Bugs
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    Bed bugs are small and can be difficult to spot.
    Typically, a full-grown bed bug will be around five millimeters - that's about as
    wide as a pencil eraser. First, check for bites on your body. These might look like
    raised, red bumps similar to mosquito or flea bites.
    Also look for bed bug skin shells, droppings, blood stains on the sheets or
    mattress, or any bedbug activity. Check all seams and tufts of your
    mattress, behind headboards or foot boards, in your bed frame, cracks and crevices in
    dressers or nightstands, under lamps or clocks, inside picture frames, behind
    electrical outlets, and behind or near baseboards. Bed bugs are flat and brown.
    They'll elongate and turn a reddish color after feeding. You can distinguish
    a bed bug over a flea or tick by noting its flat body, and that the legs are not
    easily seen like a tick's. A bed bug infestation can be difficult to treat,
    but you can control them yourself with professional pesticides and
    equipment from Solutions Pests and Lawn. Be sure to visit our website to get your
    products today. Subscribe to our channel for more how-to and product videos, and
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