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How To Guide: Getting An Apprenticeship

How To Guide: Getting An Apprenticeship
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    Hi everyone my name is Helen I'm going to talk about apprenticeships. Now most
    people know about universities and only a few people know about apprenticeships
    now this various levels of apprenticeships and I'm really keen and
    a real true advocacy - advocate sorry - as to why apprenticeships are really good.
    You can be, sort of, a normal average Joe, you might not know what you want to do
    but you maybe have really particular skills in a particular area and maybe
    the degree isn't the route for you. With apprenticeships, you're going to be
    earning and you're going to be learning. So whether you are 16 or whether you're
    60, there is should be and I'm sure there are apprenticeships for you.
    Now government fund the businesses to help take on an apprentices and
    that would be within a certain age range - I think that I think it stops at 19.
    But ultimately there are degree apprenticeships and really amazing an
    apprenticeship qualifications that you can have so even if you've got really
    good a levels, you can do a higher apprenticeships which is like a degree, and if
    you have really not that many GCSEs or no qualifications at all and
    there's apprenticeships at the level for you as well.
    Now I'm a true as the advocate of apprenticeships, yeah I did go to
    university - I must admit luckily I didn't get myself into any debt, I think
    nowadays if you aren't maybe that academic or university life isn't for
    you then I would push, push, push, you to consider and taking on an
    apprenticeship. Now there's so many - yes you have the traditional ones that
    everyone knows about which is the hairdressing, maybe catering, you know,
    sort of plumbing and engineering but there's also there's like the creative ones
    there's the IT, there's Apps, there's normal business, there's accountancy, there's so
    so many so really do you have a think about where your skills are you know
    what it is that you like to do and also the opportunities out there that you
    could have once you have that apprenticeship and also you're not going
    to be getting any debt. So, apprenticeships, massive thumbs up from
    me, hopefully you know again you'll consider this if you're not considering
    go to university or just wanted a career change.
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