🏃How To Get More Followers on Twitch🏃

🏃How To Get More Followers on Twitch🏃
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    My name is Mikey Slice, and in today's video I'm going to show you how to get followers
    on Twitch and I'm starting right now!
    So you're streaming on Twitch.
    Ya got some viewers in the chat.
    Yet they're not following.
    Ya got people in the viewers list that also are not following.
    What are you doing wrong?
    I'm going to go through a couple examples on what not to do.
    As well as some things that you should be doing.
    So it costs a viewer $0 to hit the follow button.
    All they have to do is run their cursor up and hit the little heart button.
    Yet it's not that easy to convert viewers into followers.
    What are you doing wrong, and what should you be doing to get that conversion?
    To begin understanding why people follow and why they don't follow is to figure out why
    they're watching your channel and not a more popular channel.
    The reason why is going to blow you away!
    So what are you offering that the other streamers that are more popular than you are not.
    Cause let's face it they're way better than you are at streaming than you are.
    But there's people in your stream watching you and communicating with you in the chat
    and not in their chat.
    So take a second and really think about why they're in your chat and not in DrDisrespectLIVE's
    I'll give you a minute.
    If you said it's because DrDisrespect doesn't reply to every body's chats you're 100% correct.
    The big streamers don't have the time to be looking at the chat and responding to each
    individual message.
    Therefore the viewer isn't feeling connected with the top streamers as much as they would
    be if they were to be communicating with a smaller streamer that values his viewers more
    than the top streamer does.
    That being said, you're going to want to pay as much attention to the chat as you possibly
    can and respond to pretty much every message you possibly can in a positive way.
    That second part is way more important than you might think.
    There's 2 kinds of viewers.
    The one's that are there to lurk and the ones who are there to chat.
    There's also 2 kinds of chatters.
    There's the one that's there to provide value to your stream, and talk to you and figure
    out more about you.
    And there's the other one that just wants to sit there and see how much they can annoy
    the hell outta you before you snap.
    Dealing with the second type of chatter is what's going to set you apart from the other
    streamers that are not as big as DrDisrespectLIVE.
    Now, every comment that you read in the chat does not require a response.
    Even though you're a smaller streamer.
    If you can't respond positively to a comment in the chat, don't respond to it at all.
    Don't read it (out lout) don't do anything!
    Completely ignore them.
    Because, all they're there for is to get a reaction out of you and they want a negative
    If they don't get a negative one and you try to spin it they're going to still keep coming
    at ya.
    And eventually, you're going to have the people that are on your side in the chat.
    The good chatters, that are there to provide value and be your friend.
    That are going to make that guy shut up.
    Or you have your moderators if they get too out of hand.
    If you're just starting out and you don't have moderators, and they don't stop.
    And keep saying provocative things.
    Don't be afraid to ban them.
    Because you don't need that kind of toxicity in your chat.
    When you see a viewer come in and they start typing in the chat, and you haven't seen them
    Make sure you welcome them to the stream in a positive way and make them feel like they're
    a part of your community.
    This will make them want to follow even more because they want to feel included just as
    much as they did when they first typed into the chat.
    Also make sure you have your alert box setup through Stream Labs on your stream.
    So that when other people follow the people that aren't following are going to feel left
    out especially if you have a cool animation that goes on, AND you acknowledge those people
    for following.
    That should be everything.
    If I missed something let me know.
    What do you use to gain your followers?
    Let me know in the comments below.
    If you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a big thumbs up.
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    coming out.
    Thanks for watching.
    Have a good one!
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