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How to free up space on your Android

How to free up space on your Android
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    - Sick of that nagging notification
    that your phone is nearly out of room?
    Here's some tips to help you free up space on Android.
    The first place to check is storage.
    You can find this under settings.
    Here you will find an overview
    of how much storage you have left.
    You can review how much space, your apps,
    images or videos take up.
    The first and easiest one to clean out
    is cached data.
    This will not delete anything vitally important,
    don't worry, it's simply downloaded files
    that make an app run smoother.
    If you haven't already, back up your photos
    in Google photos.
    If you're not using Google photos,
    definitely check it out.
    It is a space life saver.
    Go to Google photos and swipe from the left
    or tap on the three lines at the top left
    to open the menu.
    Tap on free up space,
    by pure Android magic, all your photos and videos
    will be readily available in the Cloud,
    while not taking up any physical space on your phone.
    These are the two biggest game changers
    for getting more space in a pinch.
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