How to Find Out Your Purpose Instantly (5 Ways)

How to Find Out Your Purpose Instantly (5 Ways)
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    Who am I to tell you what your purpose is? I'm not! Then why watch this video?
    Because one person is qualified to tell you what your purpose is and that's you
    what I'm about to say in this video is not factual they're not all truth it's
    just what I believe by all means take the ones that work for you and discard
    the ones that don't that being said let's discover how to find your purpose
    in life instantly starting with the first idea now number one you are more
    than one thing it's so easy in life to think about your purpose and think about
    one thing your career what you do for a living but you might have so high
    expectations of getting fulfilment from this one thing that when you don't meet
    it you're often devastated and disappointed and here's the downfall to
    having a one thing mentality let's say you've done some soul-searching and
    you've discovered you're going to be a dentist you go to the dental school you
    now have your own practice you're super jazzed up about being a dentist but one
    morning you come in early you make a mistake because you're tired you give a
    patient too much novocaine and it kills them their parents sue you you lose your
    license and you can never be a dentist again
    with this one thing mentality you would think that this individual because they
    cannot be a dentist have lost purpose in their life I believe this is nonsense
    I think there are so many jobs you can do in life so many skill sets you have
    that can add value to people plus you're more than your career anyway you could
    be a father you could be a mother you could be a brother you can be a sister
    you could be a friend there's so many avenues in life to bring your life
    purpose and when you do this with one thing those expectations for that one
    thing don't get met and you're often left disappointed you are so much more
    than one thing number to build an empire many of us have this need for importance
    we're driven by our ego to be the tallest building in the world because
    before the tallest were the best and when we were the best we feel great
    about ourselves but I've found that when you do this when you're competing with
    other people you often feel you're never enough oftentimes there are other people
    out there that are taller than you and it can make you feel inadequate that's
    why I've chosen to switch my mentality to going from building the tallest
    building to building an empire not using your skill sets and talents to build
    yourself up but to use your skill sets and talents to build others up to bring
    value to their lives it's a choice you have to make tallest building or
    building an empire number 3 open your hearts door I'm sure when you leave for
    work in the morning you lock your door because you have valuable stuff inside
    and you don't want someone to come in and take it if you don't want a purpose
    in your life you're probably doing this with your heart as well you lock the
    door on your heart there is a benefit no one can come in and take the love but
    the downfall is that love can't come out I believe there's love and abundance in
    you and when your door is shut it cannot come out if you have the courage and
    you're going to be vulnerable and open your heart and give the world who you
    truly are the love that's inside you the world really craves this love that's
    inside you if you open the door I believe you'll find your purpose and
    you'll realize you have nothing to be afraid of
    someone could take your love but it's in abundance the love you put out comes
    back tenfold and when your hearts open that's when you find your purpose that's
    when you're living a purposeful life next feel fully this idea was inspired
    by transformational speaker Kyle sees he said we're not here to feel happy we're
    here to feel fully it's up to you what you want to do with your life if you
    want to pursue a life of pleasure and happiness that is dependent upon
    circumstances and happenings or to experience the roller coaster emotion of
    life and truly enjoy it embracing the highs and the lows one example could be
    when you're lonely maybe someone just broke up with you that you've been
    dating for a long time instead of processing it you seek distraction
    watching TV eating ice cream trying to find the next person to fill that void
    but what if life is about processing the highs and the lows what if you just sat
    down and realize that it's okay to be alone you'd no longer be afraid of
    feeling these lows and you'll find that these low moments often take you to your
    highest highs I've made a video on how to overcome loneliness I'll leave a card
    to that now but let's move on to the next one and lastly experience your life
    many of us make this mistake of thinking there's no way I can find my purpose
    someone out there who's wiser and smarter has to tell me I need to
    discover it in the video or a book it's not gonna work
    life is about experiences you don't know what you like you don't know what you
    don't like you don't know what you're good at you don't know what you're not
    good at until you go out and experience it all I'm saying is it's so easy to be
    a spectator in life to watch others living out their dreams doing wonderful
    things than thinking that you can't do it we're waiting for a time that is most
    comfortable for you I challenge you today whatever it is that you're afraid
    of or something you're curious about go out and do it experience it and whether
    success or failure it'll be a learning experience and it'll make you a better
    person and when you're becoming a better person
    you're living a purposeful life if you found this video helpful and want more
    like it subscribe to my channel today and hit the bell notifications so you
    don't miss anything this is your friend Michael inspire you to learn laugh and
    love hope you enjoyed this video can't wait to see you in the next one
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