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How To Find A Mentor And Connect With Them

How To Find A Mentor And Connect With Them
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    Alright, my friends I'm back. Welcome to Limitless Wealth TV and today we're
    doing something a little bit different. We got a question from Marcus and he has
    this great question about how to find the right kind of mentor?
    Marcus, he asked a really good question. How does a person really find a mentor?
    Because first of all, I just want to tell you something. To really get where you
    want to go in life, some people think that you should read books and that'll
    be helpful. Some people do you should go to college,
    that can be helpful but ultimately, if you want the shortest shortcut to
    actually get where you want to go, you need to find someone that's done it. You
    need to find someone that has already been where you want to be and then you
    got to find a way to wrangle them. You got to find a way to get you a
    relationship with them and the deal is some mentors actually mentor people and
    some mentors don't. And one of them is going to be easier to work with than that of the
    other because the reality is there are some people that enjoy succeeding in
    their craft or in their skill base so much, that they're too preoccupied doing
    it and having success with it than actually teaching people. Getting those
    people to mentor you can be challenging. And not only that, you don't even know if
    they really can mentor you because even though someone has what you want, do they
    actually have the ability to articulate it? Can they reverse engineer it? Can they
    explain it? Can they give you a step-by-step process? There's a lot of
    people in life that I've gone after that I've wanted to work from and then when I
    finally got him in the corner, tackle them. They didn't really know how to work
    with me. They didn't really know how to set something up. It was such
    a foreign idea to them. On the other hand, you got a lot of people out there. Let's
    Let's just go to worst-case scenario. There's a lot of
    people out there claiming that they can work with you and mentor you, but they
    either don't have the results or they don't have enough results and it's
    really more of the blind leading the blind. You got the opposite. They're
    willing to teach you, they want to teach you, they'll show you step by step but do
    they have the results? And for those people, I wouldn't want to learn from
    those people either. It's like, "oh I know how to make a million dollars because
    I'm close to doing it." That would work for me and yet I'm going to be honest,
    there's a lot of people that are posers. And what they do is, they go out there
    and they position themselves as someone that has done something that maybe they
    haven't. They're not always blatantly lying, but I think it's important to ask,
    what are your results? I think when finding a mentor, that's the question. Now
    what's the sweet spot? Because on the left side, you got the mentor that
    totally knows how to do it, that doesn't want a mentor, doesn't know how. On the
    other side, you got the person that wants to teach you how to do something
    never done before and in the middle what you're really looking for, is a mentor
    Marcus that has the results and has a desire to teach you. Those two things
    when they come together ,that's what you're looking for. Now, how do you
    actually go out there and find that? Listen, I don't know if there's going to
    be a a real surefire methodology beyond. Find the people that you resonate with.
    Read their books or go to their events, learn from them and then find out what
    are their results and once you know they have results, then ask, "how do we mentor
    with each other? How can I learn from you?" And be proactive. You know, a lot of
    people that get into mentoring, they're sold into it. There's a handful. They go
    out and seek it. Do you know between the two who actually gets the most out of it?
    Those that are looking for a mentor. Those who want to mentor. Those who go
    out of their way to get that mentor. Hey guys, thanks for watching today's video.
    I hope you enjoyed it Marcus. I hope it answered your question. For the rest of
    you that have questions, comment below and me and my team will consider which
    questions we think might create the best value for everyone else listening and
    hopefully we'll get to select your question to answer that for you.
    For the rest of you that's looking for a deeper level of mentoring, come over to
    my website. I am one of those individuals that has the results and loves to teach
    and share with people. May not be the right mentor for you, but I recommend
    that you connect with me live at one of my events, to experience the
    life-changing mentoring that I provide for people and one of our closed private
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