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How To Email Marketing (The Single Biggest Mistake Many Email Marketers Make)

How To Email Marketing (The Single Biggest Mistake Many Email Marketers Make)
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    the single biggest mistake many email marketers make and don't even realize it
    hi Jason here and in this video you're going to learn the single biggest
    mistake the email marketers make are you making this same mistake I know that
    I've been guilty of it and I know how difficult email marketing can be if not
    done right I've been there but this video will highlight the single biggest
    mistake many marketers make so you can avoid it
    okay without further ado let's talk email marketing
    if you asked a group of marketers this simple question
    when you send an email to your list what's your number one goal
    what answer do you think you'd get?
    to get readers to open it to get readers to read it to
    give some useful info to build rapport to sell a product
    those are all good answers
    but they're also all wrong answers
    of course you want them to open
    the email read the email build some rapport maybe give some
    useful info but none of these are your primary objective
    so what is?
    to get the click that's it
    everything else is simply in support of that number one goal
    ideally you want to train your list to click your links like mind numb robots
    you want them to click automatically without thinking because
    it's what they always do when they open your emails
    you don't need to sell the product the sales page or video you send them to should do that for you
    you don't need to tell them everything about the blogpost you're sending them to
    the post will do that for you
    so how can you improve your click-through rate?
    give great information people will like you and
    trust you if you give them great info that helps them clicking the link is
    just a natural extension of that
    show them the what but not the how
    you might give them a really useful tip on what drives super targeted traffic but to
    learn how to do it they need to click the link
    don't always send them to sales letters
    send them to fun stuff to show them your blog post your videos and even
    other people's stuff now and then
    and now and then surprise them with a free product
    your email tells them a method to list build using Facebook
    then you send them to a link that will give them 5 more list building methods
    and when they click the link they see a very short sales page offering the product for free
    how much do you think they love you right now
    and what are the odds that they will click more of your links in the future just in case
    there is another free product on the other side
    of course your list and your niche may call for slightly different methods
    but bottom line your primary goal of email
    marketing is always to get the click because the more trained your list is to
    click the more money you will make in the long run
    I hope you found this video useful please like and leave a comment about whether you agree or disagree
    about the importance of the click
    and don't forget to subscribe to my channel
    for more videos helping you to grow your online business and wherever you are in
    the world have a great day
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