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How to download Baidu-Browse in window 10/8/7

How to download Baidu-Browse in window 10/8/7
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    [ Intro music
    what is up you gyes, Pidus here
    and today
    I am gonna teach you "How to downlaod Baudi Browser"
    {Master} From Kung Fu Panda 3 Films
    So this is a requested video, so I'm making video of this and sorry for that our pointer is not recorded
    I really don't know what I have made a somewhat mistake on exporting the file
    So sorry for that just open any browser and
    over here search for Baidu Browser
    In case if you are wandering
    Wab page background is this
    This is the extinsion of chrome called as Momentum
    you can just download it. It's Free
    I think I will give link in the description
    So just go to the first link of the Baidu Browser
    As you can see
    You can read the description and something like that
    But I am going to do that
    just press on free download
    so yeah
    Sorry for the delay my microphone was not working,
    so I was not able to make a video
    So yeah, just press on the alternate download
    You can also sign in the Google and the Facebook something like that as you have
    seen in my Share It video
    Yeah, just over here. Let it be download
    So , Let just wait
    It is just a small file, and I really like the convenient and your ability to use the Google Chrome
    Web site I think Google Chrome extension in the Builder browser. You can also use Google Chrome extension in the browser
    So yeah, Let just open it
    So just press yes
    Okay now hear press install and it will take some more time.
    i think
    Chunk of five minute
    So incase if you are wandaring
    why I am
    uploading a delay video
    That is because I am woking on the documentry ABOUT
    CG Company
    so I'm
    Having a delay and another problem
    was that my microphone was not working
    SO gyes i am gonna drop that CG Documentry video
    when we cross
    110 subscriber because I want to be sure that we cross under subscriber so just
    Subscribe to my channel and tell your friends, relative so all of them
    to subscribe to my channel
    so you will be able to see
    My take or documentary video so if I get a better feedback on that
    I am gonna make more tech video, so yeah
    Let just wait for that
    YOu have came here for downloading Baudi Browser
    so let just wait for that yeah
    As you can see the download has been completed
    so as you can see being it has
    It is teaching us what to do
    What not to do
    Facebook assistant and What's App assistant
    Facebook assistant is the most convenient Thing in Baidu Browser
    So this is very handy when I'm I mostly
    Surf in the YouTube and at the time I can
    and i can easily access to the facebook
    I really like that features. I think
    So, Baudi Broser If you are watching this video
    plz plz change the skin
    Even i did not understand any thing fdrom here so
    The End :)
    The End :)
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