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How To DEFEAT & BEAT Anxiety Disorders - I Saved My Own Life

How To DEFEAT & BEAT Anxiety Disorders - I Saved My Own Life
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    and universe a clock ticks away you're gonna be closer and closer to your fear
    you probably can be sat there in a huge amount of anxiety I decided that's it I'm
    gonna kill myself it all starts up here in the brain right
    and that is the most powerful tool that you have in your life and in this world
    and as you progress through this process you can have loads of these winds you
    can have loads of these awesome amazing moments where you actually surprise
    yourself and what you're capable of and what you can do what does that people
    welcome back to you to Tory graphics the home of graphic design content right
    here on YouTube now as you've probably already guessed today's video is gonna
    be completely different what I normally post here on this channel if you are new
    here via this video today just take a look at that my normal content is
    graphic design tutorials and graphic design related videos but today I have a
    completely different video because I feel have a very important message that
    needs to be said and also if you are a low subscriber and viewer don't worry
    this is not gonna be a regular thing here in this channel I'm just doing this
    as a one-off because I have something to tell you guys and to share to the
    YouTube community now that I've got quite a following here on YouTube I
    think it's my duty to help other people where I can and where possible so that's
    why today I'm gonna get really personal I'm gonna share with you guys my
    experience with social anxiety and anxiety disorders in general and how I
    literally saved my life so if you're currently struggling with an anxiety
    disorder well you know somebody that is stay tuned and listen to the entirety of
    my video today so you can educate yourself on what anxiety disorders are
    and how to combat them even if you're not someone who experiences social
    anxiety for anxiety disorders I think it's important you educate yourself on
    important topics just like this one because you never know who you're gonna
    meet and who you're gonna spend your life with in the future before we start
    just a quick rundown on what I'm going to be doing in today's video first and
    foremost I'm going to briefly outline more the difference between anxiety and
    an anxiety disorder is then we're gonna go into my personal experience and my
    life growing up as a teenager a child and into adult life with anxiety
    disorders that's going to include how I need to kill myself and died multiple
    times and how I saved my own life so you can do the same and bridges out of this
    horrible reflective disorder known as anxiety
    okay so anxiety most of us experience anxiety in some shape or form from a
    day-to-day life I think it's mainly sociopaths were extreme sociopaths who
    do not feel anxiety I know some people out there gonna think that anxiety
    disorders are overblown and exaggerated and not much of an issue I'm here to
    tell you today that's completely wrong and that's pretty ignorant actually
    imagine your worst fear it could be anything what is your worst fear just
    think about that right now as you watch this video if it's something like fear
    of flying just imagine that it's sat in the departure lounge in the airport and
    you're getting this out there and you're looking out the window and you can see
    that plane waiting for you and you know it's a clock ticks away you're gonna be
    closer and closer to your fear you probably can be sat there in a huge
    amount anxiety now imagine that feeling imagine that cold rush of fear that
    enveloped your body having anxiety disorders is much like having that
    feeling throughout the entire day all day every day now it's not gonna be up
    to like 10 maximum throughout the whole day you might be like a three u85
    but it's gonna be there throughout the entire day when someone is anxious their
    heart races a lot faster and they body produce a lot of adrenaline which is of
    course a result that fight-or-flight response when being threatened or
    anxious people with anxiety experienced this constantly all day every single day
    another good analogy is that imagine how many times you COFF in a day you might
    just coughed two or three times we know throughout the day randomly and at the
    end of that day when you look back you barely remember coughing at all we know
    it's insignificant it's trivial with a cough but imagine if
    you coughed every five seconds throughout the entire day now that cough
    is gonna be the focal point of your life and your day and it's gonna completely
    ruin everything select anxiety some people have anxiety
    just two or three times in that day but people that anxiety disorder have it
    throughout the entire day that's why it's so debilitating and it's so hard to
    deal with when you have an anxiety disorder so that was telling you guys
    what anxiety is and how it's different from an anxiety disorder and now I'm
    gonna go into my life and my experiences with anxiety depression drugs and
    alcohol everything that goes were there and
    the very end of course the most important part which is telling you guys
    how I dealt with it and how I saved my life and how you can do the very same
    now there are a lot of facts out there and information online of anxiety
    disorders I'm gonna drop loads of links down inscription below Freda chair can
    read yourself there are things that suggest anxiety disorders may very well
    be handed down genetically speaking for my parents there are bound to be many
    different factors involved and the many different factors involved with my own
    personal experience with anxiety disorders now I've got two different
    disorders which is pretty unlucky but it just is what it is
    I have hypochondria which is the irrational fear that you're dying or
    you're sick or have some kind of illness and the other one I've had to deal with
    your social anxiety the first red flag for my parents who's been on the age of
    12 I was obsessed with the facts I might actually have a brain tumor you know
    brain cancer or something like that I'm not sure if it was my anxiety that
    caused the symptoms or the symptoms that caused anxiety but I started to get
    migraines and headaches and I don't know why but I got into my head I had brain
    cancer so I went to the doctor and the doctor said I was fine and then that was
    that however a few weeks later my mind my irrational overactive mind moved to
    another illness and I started to think I was dying with something else now this
    might sound completely stupid t guys and essentially it is kind of stupid but
    someone with social anxiety or hyper country or any kind of anxiety disorder
    they often have an overactive mind that doesn't turn off a dissin switch off he
    keeps driving to think and think and think and over analyzing certain details
    when you have hypochondria you literally are convinced that you have some kind of
    illness that's terminal or deadly and I've had so many issues with this in my
    past growing up I cannot count how many times
    I've been to the doctor to get tested for something it turns that I'm actually
    fine and again it might sound silly but to the person who's suffering from
    hypochondria they literally are convinced to this so they can't sleep
    they can't eat properly everything they do in their day to day life is centered
    around this notion that they're dying imagine I imagine you thinking you're
    dying day in day out it's really really
    horrible and it's causing me a lot of depression and anxiety in the past in
    fact it all came to a head when I was around 17 years old I couldn't deal with
    this anymore like the whole
    process of thinking of your focusing on something focusing on a symptom going to
    the doctor it turned out to be nothing and then moving on to the next symptom
    and the next problem and I actually was drunk one night on
    herself I was really depressed I was really down with this whole hypochondria
    situation I decided that's it I'm gonna kill myself
    so what I did was I was in my bedroom above my mum's house and I was drinking
    alcohol like I said and I started to write my suicide note you know I started
    to cry I started to write my suicide note and I had in my mind I knew which
    building I was gonna go to I knew which building I was going to jump from he was
    just a case of doing it so I wrote out the letter and I was just about to stand
    up and leave with my phone rang and it was my girlfriend at the time and I
    hadn't call the texter she just randomly was like checking on me to see if I was
    okay and she managed to talk me out of it she managed to talk me down from
    going to kill myself which is it's both crazy and it's awesome how she saved my
    life without even realizing it but yeah there are some very very low moments in
    one's life when you have an anxiety disorder and that was just one of
    discount las' times that I've been very very depressed and down with hyper
    country or social anxiety
    now I want to talk about self medicating because a very very high percentage of
    people with anxiety disorder will choose to self-medicate if they're conscious of
    this already do it subconsciously it happens in a high high percent I think
    it's around 80% of people self-medicate with this now that could be via alcohol
    or it could be their drugs and I myself ended up doing this I ended up doing pay
    for those myself from the age of 15 I started drinking
    alcohol and smoking weed and stuff like that
    and I'm gonna talk about medications in the later parties video but to keep it
    simple you really want to work towards not depending on any external factors
    for um happiness and to battle social anxiety or anxiety disorders in general
    so that means not depending on pills either not depending on alcohol not
    depending on something like that you need to work on it from within I wanna
    talk about how to do that later in today's video but yeah I am
    social anxiety came around sixteen seventeen years old I had a combination
    of hypochondria and social anxiety there was one point when I stayed inside my
    house for four months without ever going at once at all just imagine that
    sleeping imprisoned it was like being imprisoned in your house or something
    way to live your life I remember I'm gonna tell you guys how to deal with
    social anxiety and anxiety disorders and in this video so hope you guys are
    having a better understanding of how social anxiety anxiety disorders and how
    they affect people who are stuck with this burden in their life it's not their
    fault they can't just simply wake up one day and stop and turn off that's not how
    it works they're afflicted with this mental thinking and this thought process
    is in the brain not to briefly touch upon medication I don't want to give you
    a device to tell you not to take your medication if you actually prescribed
    something like eggs annex valium which is also known as diazepam ganas de panne
    all of these medications I'm not going to tell you just to stop taking them
    right now but you really do need to work towards not using them at some point in
    your life because let me tell you this folks I was taking huge amounts of
    diazepam I was taking 400 milligrams a day which
    is 40 of those blue pills I'm gonna post some teachers on this video of what I
    was taking medication wise I say medication basically what it does is it
    covers up the problem of the symptoms it doesn't actually dress the root cause
    of that problem it has covered it up to manifest to grow
    and to come out later in your life in a bigger and more dramatic way you
    shouldn't be looking at using a crutch for your anxiety disorder because you
    cannot be doing that for your entire life and the problem with medications
    such as benzodiazepines is that you're gonna build a tolerance to them if you
    take them daily that's what happened to me I started off taking like 20
    milligrams of Valium a day and within the year I was up to 400 milligrams a
    day imagine taking 40 tablets a day that's what I was doing but the worst
    part of it is once your body becomes physically addicted to these medications
    and you build your tolerance they actually become counterproductive I
    actually found I was actually hugely anxious on these higher doses of
    medications they turn you into a zombie because they work on your gaba receptors
    in your brain and it slows down your brain function basically is quelling any
    anxiety because your brain doesn't function properly anymore it turns you
    into a walking talking zombie your memory goes like that I mean I've had
    friends who said to me I kept repeating the same thing over and over and over
    again and I kept forgetting my memory was like a goldfish basically I had a
    goldfish memory and that's no way to live your life I'm sure when I started
    taking him initially things it was amazing it was like a magic wonderful
    pill I took it and my anxiety was just gone
    but you can't be doing every single day because you're gonna turn into a zombie
    and your body will become addicted to it within about no more than six months
    maximum six months you're gonna be addicted to these medications if you
    take them on a daily basis but the radio really crucial important thing here is I
    found that around 80% of doctors either do not know the side effects of these
    medications known as benzodiazepines or they didn't care now if you're taking
    medications such as opiates for pain like physical pain you can just stop
    taking those and you might feel a bit groggy for two or three days but with
    benzodiazepines such as valium if you just stop taking them you can have a
    whole host of negative withdrawal side effects and I have experienced an ad all
    of them in this list I'm going to show you on screen and linked in description
    they are horrible he is just the worst torture I've ever gone through I
    probably think it's worse than the anxiety disorder itself people in the
    field of pharmaceuticals and medicine say that the withdrawal from valium for
    example is a lot worse than withdrawal from heroin but if you just cut short
    your valium or benzodiazepine use you can actually have seizures and a whole
    host of other negative side effects and that's what happened to me again my life
    was saved by a girlfriend when I was around 22 I'd read online about these
    medications for a genuine rezaian to disorder and I knew I needed to stop
    them but I was taking like you know 200 400 milligrams of Valium a day
    I just cut that short and I don't remember much of what happened on that
    day but my girlfriend came home from work for lunch and often she doesn't do
    that so it's quite weird this happened and she found me on the floor with white
    foam coming from my mouth I'd had a seizure because I cut showed the
    medication and my brain just fried my brain just went into shock and I was
    lucky to survive that actually and that's why you should not just stop your
    medications if you are taking them you need to taper off gradually I actually
    took down five milligram every single week until I got down to zero which took
    a long long time coming down from 400 milligram a day so that's a bit about
    the medication side of things and now I'm gonna talk to you about how to
    actually deal with anxiety and anxiety disorders in a natural helpful manner
    that is going to improve your life a huge fruit amount if you are dealing
    with anxiety disorders
    so how did I go from being a completely an utterly nervous wreck Friedel with
    social anxiety and hypochondria I'm going to tell you exactly right now how
    did that so firstly the most important thing I think you need to do if you do
    have social anxiety or other forms of anxiety disorder is that you need to
    work towards getting sober you need to have a clear mind if you're taking
    medication as i previously spoke about daily try and taper off of them and then
    when you're actually off of them use them only when necessary in certain
    situations when you might have like a major panic attack i myself have not
    taken valium or any kind of medications to do the anxiety disorder for two years
    now why do i say that you need to have a clear mind because you need to address
    the root cause of your problem which is going to be within and to do
    that you need to be yourself and you need to be thinking straight and clearly
    but not only that every single point now i'm gonna go into now and how to deal
    with anxiety disorders are gonna work together as a part of a system and each
    and every single point complements the other
    it's basically being healthy physically and mentally and that's going to give
    yourself the best platform working on your disorders so like I said start to
    taper off these medications if you're using them but also I must say you have
    to talk to your doctor about this do your research on these medications
    themselves and then let your doctor know your worries and your concerns about
    taking these medications so when you have a clear mind you need to start
    focusing on your health because I feel that having a healthy mind and having a
    healthy body is essential for overall well-being an anxiety free life it's not
    gonna be incited free you what can I still get anxiety but it's not going to
    be the levels that you used to be and when it does happen you could know how
    to deal with it properly so what I first started doing was I start exercising at
    him I just bought some dumbbells I started doing press ups stolid like
    doing arm curls and stuff like that and this really does help because there's
    actually science that proves exercise literally rewires your brain in
    something called brain plasticity now this is great because it does in a
    positive way and it teaches you to address problems in a different way than
    it used to not only that the exercise releases all kind of endorphins and like
    things like dopamine which make you really happy and have a better sense of
    well-being all of the points I'm gonna give to you now I just
    little step towards not having anxiety disorders in your life I need to take
    baby steps guys it's not gonna happen overnight it's not even gonna happen in
    one month it's going to be a gradual process when you move forward improve
    and level up each and every single time so yes start exercising at home if you
    like me in high social anxiety you know how can I want to run into a gym just
    like you know the glory exercise god that's not gonna happen
    so start sizing at home or maybe just go for a run around the street at night
    you're an evening or something like that but get yourself exercising and in a
    routine were you working out I did eventually get to go to like a small
    public gym but also for you people out there who have social anxiety when you
    start to see yourself getting stronger getting bigger getting more I dare I say
    sexy it's really gonna boost your confidence and that's a great thing for
    dealing with anxiety disorder it's having more confidence in fact it might
    be one of like the most important things in my opinion but it's not the only
    thing you need to also focus on other things I'm going to tell you now so yeah
    exercise is pretty really important just get into a routine and get it done the
    next thing is diets now this if court isn't just for your mental health
    it goes for health in general but like I said they all tie in together so start
    trying to eat healthy Whole Foods foods that fill you up on three foods that
    high nutrition values like vitamins fiber all the good stuff this is really
    really important for a better life and a better well-being in the long run and
    the next one is a really really big one as Amanda's meditation I'm gonna drop
    some more links down in description below if you check out a meditation the
    meditation is crucial for understanding who you are as a person understanding
    what your brain is and how it functions because let's face it guys everything we
    do in our life everything we feel everything we say and do it all starts
    up here in the brain right and that is the most powerful tool that you have in
    your life and in this world that's where your anxiety comes from you create your
    anxiety it's not it's not someone else creating it for you it's how you respond
    to the world outside and that all starts in here so you need to start meditating
    you need to start getting down to the core roots of your problem but also
    understanding consciousness and how your mind functions
    when you start to understand how your mind functions you can start to address
    the problems that you will face in your life and your day-to-day activities I
    didn't really do this myself I was like suggested to with my mum but going to
    CBT therapy like with a counselor can help and it does help a lot of people
    but I think you should use this in complement to everything else I'm
    talking about today just talking to someone you trust about
    your problems really does help but you need to do all of the things I'm telling
    you together as a group but yeah you can see the trend I'm put into you guys
    today little steps focusing on exercise
    focusing on Dyer focusing on meditation and consciousness and dealing with your
    problems in a sober and straightforward manner you can do it you can be your
    anxiety disorder it's possible I never thought I would be
    in this position I'm in now sitting in front of a camera talking to you guys I
    was one of those people who was so socially anxious and socially awkward I
    used to hate getting my picture taken for example I used to hate just walking
    down the street and people walking the other way and when I'm telling you about
    small baby steps is that it might be something as small as walking into the
    store and buying something is standing in line and then once you've actually
    leaved the store you can watch your anxiety go up whilst you're in the store
    and then if you prolong the anxiety you'll notice that it will start to fade
    nothing is permanent and this is what meditation teaches you nothing is
    permanent and forever your anxiety will go up and it will come down but when you
    have a win when you actually do something you never thought you would do
    before such as standing in line of the store and not freaking out you feel so
    awesome afterwards you feel like you're on top of the world
    seriously you feel awesome and as you progress through this process you can
    have loads of these wins you can have loads of these awesome amazing moments
    where you actually surprise yourself and what you're capable of and what you can
    do but yeah I hope you enjoyed today's video guys it was a bit different from
    my normal content but I thought I had to get his message out there and help
    people who are struggling and social or anxiety disorders because I know how bad
    I know how terrible I know evil it can be it's it was a Bane on my existence
    and it was a very very dark and twisted time of my life if you have any
    questions pop them down in the comment section below check out all the links in
    description this video to educate yourself on social anxiety meditation
    the medications you know all these things all that good stuff
    and also if you do find this information useful go ahead and share it on social
    media so other people can see and help themselves with anxiety disorders I'm
    gonna be back tomorrow with more graphical design content and for these
    people who are subscribed to my channel for grapples and content don't worry
    this is not gonna be a regular thing I just really need to make this video
    today but yeah overcome your anxiety disorders step-by-step and have a great
    impa's ative life until next time design your future today peace
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