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HOW TO DEAL WITH FAILURE MOTIVATION - Motivational Speech To Help You Never Give Up Hope

HOW TO DEAL WITH FAILURE MOTIVATION - Motivational Speech To Help You Never Give Up Hope
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    Failure is a demon we all have to deal with. Whether it's your greatest dream, or the most
    mundane task. Failure can consume us, break us and make us feel less significant all in
    one action. Others that speak on failure will tend to advise you to just keep on going,
    keep pushing, and you should. But you never forget what made you fail in the first place.
    It's been said: "Those who cannot remember the past, are doomed to repeat it". It's not
    just about accepting failure and continuing to do the exact same thing. If you don't reflect,
    you don't reach an understanding of what you did wrong, rarely will the results ever improve.
    "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a
    different result". To succeed in whatever it is you want to accomplish, we must always
    learn, and more importantly, adapt. What was your last failure? Was it at work? Was it
    your diet? A relationship? Or even something small like, overcooking dinner? Each of those
    scenarios, while obviously bringing a varying degree of disappointment, are all teaching
    moments. What went wrong? If you did the same thing again, would the same thing happen?
    If the answer's yes, remember it for next time, and get back to it. If you overcook
    your food, you're not gonna just, never eat again. So if your dreams present a road block
    or a set back, it'd be just as crazy to give up because of it. This world does too much
    to trick us into believing you only get happiness once, you only get to chase your dream once,
    you only find love once. The hardest part of succeeding in obtaining all those things
    is to learn that you will first fail. It sounds like a contradiction, but think of it this
    way. What we often consider a dream, are the things that we know won't be easy to achieve.
    Nobody's dream is to pick an apple from a tree. because, besides the fact it was a horrible
    example, it's too easy. You could go out one day and just do it. Very little effort required.
    Success is never more satisfying than when you accomplish something even in the face
    of failure. But that's it for the video. As always thanks for watching. If you enjoyed,
    don't forget to subscribe for the best in weekly motivation. Also, let me know down
    in the comments, what was your last failure, and what'd you learn from the whole thing?
    Whether you consider it important or not, I wanna know, you guys. But until then, I'll
    see you all in the next video
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