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How To Create A Youtube Thumbnail

How To Create A Youtube Thumbnail
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    Thumbnails are the storefront to YouTube business. I'm Kris Krohn, I'm Grant
    Thompson with Self Made and today, we're going to show you how to get those rocking
    thumbnails rocking. Let's dive right in.
    The way you get a video watched on YouTube obviously as it pops up and
    there has to be something that makes you want to click on it. I mean when a video
    comes up for you Kris, what helps determine whether or not you actually
    want to watch that video? This is thumbnail. What's the title of that?
    What's the thumbnail and does it honestly pull me in and look intriguing
    enough to like...if you spent a million dollars making the most fantastic video
    the world has ever seen, but nobody clicks on, it then it's not going to do any
    good. So... by the way I just got to say, have
    you actually ever been to a site where people are like selling cars or and
    that's like no picture available or you're looking at real estate and
    there's like no picture available. I don't know about you, but I just skip it.
    Yeah. Like imagine having no thumbnail and competing against someone else that
    actually put a little bit of time, effort and attention into that, it's going to be a world of a
    difference. Yes, we have over 1 billion hours of YouTube being consumed every
    day. So if you don't have something that immediately grabs someone's attention,
    they're going to skip onto the next thing. You got to make yourself relevant so
    we're going to give you a few tips and tricks to make some excellent clickable
    thumbnails. I'm excited for this, because I've made hundreds of thumbnails or Nate
    has. And I'm really excited to see what your specific tips are based on, what's
    trending, what's popular and what are people really liking today. Hmmm, well I
    don't really have it figured out because our views are dropping.
    I did try clickbait thumbnails and that actually did pretty well for a while, but
    then I sacrificed my reputation for it. So let's get started talking about
    clickability. Because really what it comes down to is getting people to click
    on your video. So what makes it clickable? Now, I do have to say right off the bat, I
    did go to a conference or a seminar, where they emphasized how important it
    was to have clickable thumbnails. And so about 8 months ago, I went through a
    phase where I dressed my thumbnails up. I made them a little bit brighter, a little
    bit more animated, because a lot of the videos that were getting clicked and had
    a huge views had that style of video. So I started trying that on my channel, but
    the feedback I got from a lot of people was very negative. Really? I've always
    been known as an upfront, honest guy, I put everything on the table. And so when
    I started doctoring my thumbnails to look more clickbaity, I started getting
    a lot of kickback because people, I think they felt like it violated my
    integrity. Can you actually tell us what you mean by
    clickbait? Yeah, clickbait is often... it's actually out of context nowadays, but
    what true clickbait is, is you put up a picture of something that somebody is
    going to click on you know maybe it's a nice red Ferrari. You click on that video
    and there's nothing in the video about a Ferrari, whatsoever. That's like a
    bait-and-switch. It's a clickbait. And you weren't doing that, but that's now the
    way that term has really been morphed into. "Oh I made my
    thumbnail look so prestigious or not yes or glam. I think the
    essence of it, is you're overselling and then really under-delivering. You're
    getting people to come in the door to watch your video but then there's just
    no substance. And so they are they left feeling empty. Now in my videos, what I
    always try to do is deliver a lot of great content. I was just trying to get
    people to click. And the interesting thing was, I did notice the click rates
    went way up. I was getting double the views on a lot of my videos, but I had to
    ask myself was that worth the, you know the integrity drop. Because as a result
    to this day, I still have people who talk negatively against me because they feel
    like I became the king of clickbait. Wow so that's one thing to consider, is like
    as you're dressing up your thumbnails, how do you stay true to yourself? Yeah so
    one of the things that we do in our thumbnails is, we'll usually... it's
    interesting when we're actually shooting a video, we'll actually, intentionally try
    to figure out a really fun way to to communicate whatever the message is like.
    There was this one video that I did with my wife and I am talking about
    communication styles and you know one of the things that was funny as she rolled
    up a piece of paper like a trumpet and she was blasting something in my ear and
    I was just, you know, so I was just kind of being a little bit cheesy, a little
    bit fun. If people kind of know my style, my video, I can totally be a big nerd. We
    nerd out a little bit on some of our thumbnails and I think Nate goes out of
    his way. That's my producer, he'll actually.. I think if you take a video of
    yourself and like it's amazing how you can pause in the middle of saying
    something and look so unattractive. And Nate really has like this ability to
    like find those moments. He's like "hey Kris, look what I loaded up on your
    YouTube page." And I'm like, "wow you made me look even darker than I think I might
    really be in life." That's right. So along that note, you know one of the things
    that we use in our video production process, is an intentional thumbnail. So
    at some point during the process, when we feel like, "hey this is the meat and
    potatoes of the content. This is the stuff that will sell the video. Let's
    pause for a second. Let's take an intentional thumbnail."
    We're not in the middle of talking or we could just focus on the product or
    get that real shot that we want. You want to think of, if you're putting a product
    in your eBay store, your Amazon store like what is going to be attractive that
    people are going to want to click on and you want to think the same thing with
    your YouTube videos. Let's make an intentional thumbnail that looks good.
    Some of the ways that you can do that, don't give away the ending. I mean if
    your video is about a question or something that's going to happen, don't show
    the final result in your thumbnail. Because then people don't have a reason
    to click. You know, if your videos like what happens if you try lighting x and x
    mixture and you show a big green flame. They're like, "oh it burns with a green
    flame, no need to watch the video." So I find it's helpful, to actually show the
    moment prior. Yeah. You know the mixtures mixed together, with the lighter
    about to ignite. So it builds a little bit of anticipation. And I really like
    that because you guys do that well in your videos. One of the things that I
    always like to do is make sure that you just have really good clear readable
    fonts. And something that really resonates with your brand, because I want
    by my thumbnails. I want people to come to recognize me and like oh that's a you
    know, that's a Limitless Wealth TV, you know, thumbnail or that's a Self Made
    thumbnail. And so all of a sudden it's like, I'm building some brand recognition
    there for individuals but it's also very clearly communicating more about what
    the video is rather than just a picture of me just standing there.
    My old thumbnails were like lame. It was just me talking and it would
    have the words on the screen for what I was talking about, but it didn't really
    wasn't showing anything in relation to what I was really going to be speaking
    of. And that's the biggest change that I've made. Where we've really seen a big
    uptick and people you know, finding more interesting clicking on what we're doing.
    Perfect! I think it's also important to size your image as large as you
    practically can. You got to remember, the thumbnail on YouTube really is only
    about the size of your thumbnail. It's going to be very very tiny and so if you
    have a very large picture of nothing with you know the main attraction in the
    center, all you're going to see is... you're not going to see anything. So if you can
    use some kind of editing software like Photoshop or some of the online free
    graphic design software to blow that up and really show the viewer, what the
    emphasis is. That's going to make a huge difference.
    Also using graphics or text, if you want to add a red arrow or add a
    circle, to direct attention or even some text with a question mark, what you're
    doing is you're ultimately getting the viewer to ask themselves a question,
    that's going to create suspense where they have to get the answer to.
    You know television does this really well. You know, the reason people binge
    watch Netflix I'm sure, is because the very last thing that happens in the
    video is there's a cliffhanger that has to be answered. Oh...I know, it's so good
    they do such a great job making you click that next video. So the whole goal
    of title and a thumbnail, is basically to create a cliffhanger that people have to
    click. You create a need for them to jump in there. The other thing is to make sure
    that your thumbnails are large, that they're relevant and that they are very
    colorful. You want your thumbnails to pop. You know if you look
    at YouTube, you see what everybody else is doing, what little things can you do
    differently, so that your thumbnails stand out. Your advertising to an
    audience that is immediate consumers, you have about one second to make an
    impression. Maybe even less. At first glance, what's going to make your
    thumbnail pop out. So being large and being colorful is definitely going to
    give you that advantage. We also use templates on our videos. We have a little
    photoshop border that we add to each of our thumbnails, just to give it a little
    bit of branding. Because when a video pops up in this suggested, I want
    people to know this is a King of Random video. It's King of Random approved. So
    you'll notice, our videos nowadays have a little caution bar on the top and the
    bottom. And a little symbol in the top right. It's that's part of that branding
    and that recognition that we're talking about. Yeah. "Oh my gosh, there's a video or
    that's a King of Random video." So that you really want people to like, you know
    be able to easily recognize it and get used to it. Yeah. Are you going to put a red
    border around your thumbnails? Are you going to put some branding on it? Are you
    going to maybe fade the edges? So it kind of blends into the page or is there some
    other way you can manipulate that image to get it to pop. Really anything that
    you can do to make it stand out from any other's video to get people's attention
    is - step one, and then step two, is to create some kind of a need where they
    feel like they need to click it. So hopefully, you know, big colorful, relevant
    and something that formulates a question in the viewers mind that needs to be
    answered. Awesome. Hey friends, so that's our information today on how to make a
    thumbnail that's going to resonate, it's going to scream out, its going to say click me.
    I want to know more about it. And remember, I think the best advice really
    end with, is that this is your storefront. So, you put all this time into making the
    video, you put all this time into getting it all prepped, now you got to make sure
    that you have a still image, that people want to click on, so they can finally get
    to the meat and potatoes. That's right. So happy working
    on your thumbnails, and all the best with future clicks. Hey guys, I hope you
    enjoyed some of these tips. These are things that we personally use. We're
    always constantly tweaking them and we don't want to give the impression that
    we've got it figured out. It's a constant work in progress but these are some tips
    that I think are universal and your ingenuity, your creative nature is going to
    figure out how that's going to work for you. Thank you so much for joining us today.
    We really appreciate you and if this video is useful for you, feel free to go
    ahead and share it with some of your friends and family and share with them
    the other wonderful things that we're sharing with you about YouTube.
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