How to create a mirror-accelerated parity volume in Windows Admin Center

How to create a mirror-accelerated parity volume in Windows Admin Center
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    To create a volume with mirror-accelerated parity,
    navigate to Volumes on the left side,
    then switch to the Inventory tab
    and click + Create volume.
    In the panel on the right,
    give the volume a Name.
    Now we could leave the Resiliency as Three-way mirror,
    but as we can see, that would mean that for every 10 terabytes of Size,
    we'd need 30 terabytes of footprint.
    That's a lot of overhead.
    Instead, we can switch the Resiliency to Mirror-accelerated parity.
    This already reduces the footprint from 30 terabytes
    to just 22 terabytes, even with only 4 servers,
    by mirroring the most active 20 percent of data,
    and using parity, which is more space efficient,
    to store the rest.
    And we can adjust this ratio to make the performance versus capacity tradeoff
    that's right for our workload. For example,
    90 percent parity and 10 percent mirror
    will give less performance but streamlines the footprint even further.
    When we're ready, click Create.
    Once it appears in the list,
    we can see that the volume uses Mirror-accelerated parity, just like we said.
    And that's all there is to creating a volume with mirror-accelerated parity
    in Windows Admin Center.
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