How to Create ➚➚ DOPE INSTAGRAM VIDEO ➚➚ Like ➡ GARYVEE ➡ Red Progress Bar (APRIL 2018) DPVLOG 043

How to Create ➚➚ DOPE INSTAGRAM VIDEO ➚➚ Like ➡ GARYVEE ➡ Red Progress Bar (APRIL 2018) DPVLOG 043
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    That's the exact red strip in the progress bar in the video which I just showed you that's exactly what I'm going to show you
    In this particular video, so let's dive into that right after this intro
    So what I'm going to do is I'm going to create a new event and
    Name this event like Gary Vee
    kind of video
    Let's uncheck this box let's say okay now inside this
    right-click on this event click on new project
    And name this project as progress
    bar video
    and choose video custom and change the size from 1 0 0 cross 1 0 8 0
    Same ok so now we have this square format right we have the square format and
    Right over here now right-click and import a media, so let's just select this video
    Let's import so now the view has been imported
    And you can drag this video right over here, so this is your timeline where all the magic will happen so automatically this
    Horizontal aspect ratio 16 is to nine changes to square format all right
    And you have this white color background as well now for this white background
    on the top you want tightly so move this timeline over here and
    click on this e which is title and
    go to basic title you can add any kind of title basic titles so it will have this thing which you can drag and
    Increase the length and tweeze the length and things like that so double that on that and right over here. You will see this
    Existing box for this changes if you don't see this toggle right over here
    You can toggle by clicking on this and now we just write this name
    bar video
    Then you can just
    Click over here and move it on the top
    which is the next color go down over here and scroll down scroll down and for the face click on show and
    change the color from white to
    Black you can change the font as well
    from here
    so let's just make this so I'm not gonna go into the design part because this is something which you can play around and
    That's it alright
    So this is the title which we want for the entire thing so you can change the timeline zoom in zoom on
    By pressing one control minus plus or command minus plus if you are using Mac
    So I'm gonna say come on - so this is my timeline
    I'm gonna stretch this all the way across so the title is for the individual now what we need is
    The progress bar for the progress bar what we need is a white square image
    So I'm gonna once again. Go through this media and
    right click import media
    So I have this square white color square image, and that is what I'm gonna import over here
    drag this
    right in front of us right and
    You can just increase this
    Or rather this white is already there in the background if you don't have the white in background
    you can have this so I'm going to delete this and
    Let's import or red square. I have a red square we go
    so if you don't have just create one red square from can you are anyway and
    I am we lose a
    little bit of the timeline so I can clearly see this
    Now I'm gonna stretch this all the way
    Across the fine line first and
    The important part over here is I'm gonna move this on the top
    like so that it enrolls over here and
    Finally what I could do is I would change the size like a strip
    And move this at the bottom somewhere over here
    change horizontal size as well and try to make it as small as possible and
    Drag it at the bottom left corner. Just like it is like starting point as if it is the starting point and
    Try to see try to enlarge by clicking on this and looking at how it looks like so it looks like good
    It is at the beginning of the video alright. Is that the beginning of the video, so let's pause this video now
    the coddled part over here is
    double tap on this red square timeline and
    Here you see one option which is transform so click on transform
    What you will get is just just move your timeline forced over here
    right move your timeline right at the beginning and now click on the transform and
    Double up on this so you will get this
    Small little option on the top so to tap on this which will have a starting point for this red strip for here
    which is right across in the beginning, and then move your timeline and
    Leave it right at the end right and once again double tap on this
    click on transform, and you see this scale X
    All right, just increase this scale X till the point in time that red strip. Which is in the end
    Alright, that's it. You go and now if you see you have this scrolling tired
    Scrolling bar so let's start try to view over video and there you go
    It will have a complete as long as this video, please
    Right at the end this will go over here, so you don't have to adjust any timing for this
    It will automatically end up right over here
    So this is how you can have this progress bar for all your videos and on top of that
    How do you have the subtitles subtitles is?
    something like
    creating different different titles so I once again you do titles and I will go in to
    Where it is where it is basic title?
    Let's drag it over here, so you can just listen to this and then you can
    Move this title so let's double tap on this
    Move this title at the bottom
    So first change the color so that you can see it, or let me actually show it to you
    I don't waste my time over here leaving that because that it's very simple so let me just go into the actual
    Instagram video of it I can show you the life camping or like video editing
    so this is the red square which I showed you and
    these are the titles so just keep on listening to your videos and keep on adding the titles and
    well if you wish you can just
    stretch this title here and there so just just write it over here for each and every title whatever you wish to have and
    That's it alright. That's how you have this progress bar
    Just like a TV know Chuck's video on instagrams, and that's how you have your caption
    I hope you liked this video
    And I look forward to see you in the next one till then take every wise an absolute guys stay awesome
    god bless, and if you haven't they do get the subscribe button down on the bail notification and
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    And I look forward to see you in the next one and yes, this is how I record it's all natural
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