How To Cover and Conceal Tattoos | Quick and Detailed Makeup Routine

How To Cover and Conceal Tattoos | Quick and Detailed Makeup Routine
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    Tattoos are a way for people to
    express themselves through art and colour,
    to showcase their personalities through drawings and words!
    But very often you find yourself in a situation
    where you have a meeting to attend or a formal
    function to go to, or your job simply does not permit
    you to have these tattoos!
    Then what do you do?!
    Hi, I''m Saachi and today I'll be showing you
    how to correct, conceal and cover up these tattoos
    in just a few simple steps!
    And not only this, but you can use these
    same steps to deal with other body and skin concerns
    such as discolouration, pigmentation or even acne scarring!
    The skin needs to be cleaned off of any excess oils
    or dirt, so the products that are applied
    on top can have their full effect.
    Use a generous amount of an oil-free hydrating moisturiser
    all over the area and massage it in using circular motions.
    Take a pea sized amount of a pore minimizing primer
    and pat it onto the tattoo.
    This will smoothen the skin,
    prep the area for any products that you will be applying on top
    and ensure that the makeup stays on all day long.
    Just like correctors are used to cancel out
    pigmentation and discolouration on the skin,
    they can also be used to cancel out the colour of the ink in your tattoo.
    Use a small concealer brush to dab the corrector
    onto the tattoo and lightly blend the edges.
    Start off with a little product and continue to build it as needed.
    If your tattoo has been drawn on only with black ink,
    a pink coloured corrector is enough to cancel it out,
    but for those of us that have coloured tattoos,
    each colour needs to be neutralised accordingly.
    Just take a look at the colour wheel and it will show you
    how green and red, yellow and purple
    all neutralize one another.
    For tattoo concealing, make sure you pick a heavy duty concealer
    that has a thick consistency and is long lasting.
    Using a slightly larger concealer brush,
    pat this into place above the corrector to completely
    cover the pink or any bits of the tattoo that might still be showing through.
    Using a fluffy brush, blend out the edges.
    Use a foundation that is full coverage, matte and oil-free.
    Pick a colour that is closest to your skin tone
    to ensure that it blends in seamlessly.
    A kabuki brush works best to pack in the product
    if you want maximum coverage,
    after which use a beauty blender or your makeup sponge
    to get rid of any harsh lines around the edges.
    If you need more coverage use a foundation powder
    that matches your skin tone or you can
    stick to using a translucent powder to set the makeup in place.
    Use a fluffy powder brush to pack on the product and buff it into place.
    This will ensure that your makeup stays transfer-proof,
    and smudge-proof all through the day.
    I hope these tips & tricks will help you too
    as they've been complete saviours for me time and again!
    Thanks for watching and until next time,
    stay tuned and stay Glamrs.
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