How To Cleanse Your Aural Energy With These 10 Easy Ways

How To Cleanse Your Aural Energy With These 10 Easy Ways
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    How To Cleanse Your Aural Energy With These 10 Easy Ways
    If we are a spirit with human experience, then it is this frequency of the spirit that
    vibrates and creates an energetic field around the human body.
    This field around our physical body is known as "aura."
    Just like your physical body, your subtle body in the shape of your aura may experience
    and exhibit stress, fragmentation, and loss of luminosity.
    Try these steps to clear your aura and free up the highest potential and feel the effects
    season after season.
    #1 - Visualize your aura
    Sit in a quiet distraction-free zone in your home.
    Keep sitting comfortably in a position you can relax for about 15 minutes while practicing
    breathing exercises.
    Stay aware of what you are doing, and be aware of breathing and exhaling.
    #2 - Remove your negative energy
    Avoid negative people or energy vampires.
    People influence more than just themselves, so be aware of how other people affect your
    energy and vice versa.
    One way to protect yourself is to make sure you surround yourself with more positive people
    than negative people.
    Spend less time or none at all with negative people, once you know who they are.
    Find positive people who always have a smile to offer and have a good soul.
    These people can help offset negativity in your aura.
    #3 - Clean your own negative thinking
    Start paying attention to your thoughts.
    Are there many negative ones?
    Look at them.
    Are they incorrect, delusional, or paranoid?
    More reasons to get rid of them.
    If you are having a really bad day, it does not matter expressing your feelings, but not
    wallowing in that place.
    If you notice that negative thoughts try to creep in, deal with positive thoughts.
    #4 - Make bubble protection
    This is the most common way to protect auras.
    Practitioners praised it as a wonderful way to connect them with divine energy, and when
    it was done in the morning, it was a decisive start for the day.
    Imagine a white light coming down from heaven, the divine, the cosmos, the universe, whatever
    higher power resonates with you.
    #5 - Make your aura regularly
    Smudging is a practice of Native Americans using white sage to clean up negative energy.
    You can clean your house, people, and things.
    Focus your intention to clean up negative energy to make room for positive energy in
    your space and life.
    #6 - Get energy healing
    Do not underestimate the power of this energy check.
    You may find that your mood changes and unbalanced emotions increase dramatically with little
    #7 - Keep a journal
    Some of the most influential people in history kept detailed journals of their lives.
    Those journals served two purposes: a permanent record for posterity, and cathartic release
    for the people writing them.
    Even if you don't think you need either, keeping a journal has great benefits you can
    enjoy immediately.
    Maybe you're more practical, and want a way to harness your creativity.
    Maybe you just want the cathartic release that comes with regular writing.
    Whatever it is, these are all great reasons.
    #8 - See a therapist
    Before you immediately dismiss the idea, consider this: verbalising feelings can make us less
    stressed and less alone.
    In other words, getting your worries out in the open (even the "insignificant" ones)
    — particularly with someone trained to help you manage them — is a good thing for your
    #9 - Crystals.
    Placing crystals throughout your home, particularly in your windows, cleanses energy before it
    enters your home.
    This means only positive energy surrounds you.
    No negative energy clinging to your aura allowed.
    Wear a favorite color, one that makes you feel great.
    It may relate to a color that you need more of in your aura, or an aura color that needs
    to be clarified.
    #10 - Meditation or yoga
    "Meditation has been linked to a number of things that lead to increased ability to
    focus, memory … We've seen this at the level of the brain."
    Greater concentration is related to the increased energy meditation provides.
    "It connects you with your real source of energy,"
    Well, those are the 10 effective ways to cleanse your aural energy.
    Really cool information isn't it?
    I hope you enjoy this short video, if you have something on your mind, please share
    your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!
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