How to Choose and Use the Right Lube for Vaginal Atrophy: A Closer Look at Boudoir and Sex Butter

How to Choose and Use the Right Lube for Vaginal Atrophy: A Closer Look at Boudoir and Sex Butter
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    well and you know what in its common that's the thing well women are afraid to
    talk about this because they feel like they're broken you know but if we don't
    talk about it we can't find solutions
    thank you so much for tuning in again on our second act with Paige and Silke
    today we have Bonnie Gayle with us again and talking about her product that she
    had formulated sex butter and boudoir butter Bonnie thanks so much for staying
    over again oh thank you I am you know my product is my favorite thing so I'm all
    heart when it comes to sex butter and boudoir butter absolutely we've
    discussed on our other segments you know about the issues and why such a
    product is even important I really want to focus on the product itself so women
    understand and men for that matter understand why this why this could be
    very helpful in some of the issues that they're dealing with so tell us what
    exactly is sex butter so sex butter is actually a balm so most lubricants are
    like very liquid as you know and sex butter is really kind of more like a
    butter like a balm and you use a little bit of it like the size of a pea
    and you rub it around inside and everywhere else and it is a coating
    that's like a protective barrier for people so a lot of women experience
    sexual pain when they get older because the vaginal lining thins and the tissues
    are exposed so what sex butter does is it becomes like a protective barrier and
    that's why I really created it it was like for women that were going through
    pain that wanted to use something that was non-toxic that had organic
    ingredients and I don't make any medical claims with this product but it
    literally has made my sex life incredible again yeah you know and you
    brought up a good point that it's a solid balm ... a friend of mine I
    gave her one of your jars Karen do we know Karen well here on
    and that was her first question was well how do you how do you use it it's like
    kind of like that you know this is you just put it on the outside and I said no
    no so I'm gonna be talking to Bonnie about this let me ask her specifically
    and you're right it's it's a coating it just it just the thought of having a
    coating for somebody that has vaginal pain is I would think it's very soothing
    yeah and it actually absorbs into the tissue and the skin so it actually
    creates a moisture which makes the skin and tissue much more malleable and
    that's what you really want when you're having sex because you have friction
    right and so if you're in pain friction isn't a good thing so you basically want
    to make it so that the friction without the pain and that's really why I created
    this the antifungal antibacterial is important because you want to make sure
    to keep yourself safe from infections and disease so if you keep the pH
    balance the proper inside internally then you know you have a better chance
    of not contracting anything else outside and of course you the sex butter is
    available on your website and it's distributed around the country or the
    world really so we have I actually have some people that are selling it all over
    the world the well we will supply of course a link you know for to your
    site so you can try it I I especially like the minty stuff well here's here's
    the benefit of the minty stuff so like you know how like a lot of women it's
    hard for them to kind of like really drop into their pelvis you know and the
    minty what it does is it kind of makes you feel yourself down down there like
    you realize oh my it's like a little tickle I always say you know kind of
    like a little wake-up call like hey I'm down here and so because it makes you
    more sensitive it's easier to actually have climax and a lot of women have
    challenges with that because they're in their head so much so it's good to be
    able to relax down into your pelvis to be able to enjoy yourself even more I
    think one one point I also want to make is that
    you know Lube isn't a Lube or there's so many different moisturizers lubrications
    that we don't really know we need to understand what does what and the
    hydration part of sex butter is really what's so important for us at this stage
    yes obviously it great okay well Bonnie we will link you know to all of your
    information to the sex butter the boudoir but what's the difference
    between sex and boudoir butter ... good question the boudoir butter has all the same base ingredients without the minty
    mixture so like for people that just want the hydration they don't want any
    extra stimulation of any type or sensation the boudoir butter and that
    came by request so we had some people who like weren't in love with the mint
    and they're like but we loved the product so can you make it without the
    mint and that's how boudoir butter came alive so you asked and we gave you
    perfect perfect you know Bonnie one of the things that I kind of that I want to
    say is you know as we talk about these these products I surprised myself that I
    am here on video openly talking about this because in my marriage which broke
    up I was afraid to even mention you know bring that up that that that I that I
    have painful sex and that I needed something or or if I would have hidden
    that I was using it and that is so bad well and you know it and it's common
    that's the thing is that women are afraid to talk about this because they
    feel like they're broken you know but if we don't talk about it we can't find
    solutions that's the whole thing so you know opening up the discussion and
    realizing that this is something beyond our control our hormones are changing
    and we don't have control over that all the time and not everybody is a
    candidate for hormone replacement therapy so you know we have to
    understand that there are things that we can do to help ourselves but if we don't
    talk about it and people don't know we have an issue then but then how do you
    get to that information yeah well and I certainly hope that you know they're
    having these kinds of discussions on second act TV and with what you do
    is is goes a long way to getting there so well I you know thank you so much for
    all the information I look forward to having you back on another segment soon
    is there anything else that you want to leave our viewers with today just make
    sure that you know anything that you use you know even if you don't use my
    products sex butter and boudoir butter that you're checking the ingredients in
    the lubes because not all lubes are created equal and most lubes have toxic
    ingredients that will really long-term harm you more than help you Thank You
    Bonnie we'll see you soon talk to you later
    thanks so much for joining us today we hope that you found this information helpful if you haven't
    already done so please take just one second and subscribe to our channel the
    buttons right over here and for more information about taking charge of your
    sexual health please visit our website ... thank you
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