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How to Care for a Wood Cutting Board - The Work Around - HGTV

How to Care for a Wood Cutting Board - The Work Around - HGTV
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    - Why bother maintaining
    Your cutting board is made of wood, which means it's porous.
    And porous things absorb odors and absorb bacteria.
    So the best way to fend off that bacteria and those nasty odors
    is with an oil.
    There are lots of options out there,
    but make sure whatever you choose,
    you choose a food safe oil, like linseed oil,
    which is what I have.
    There's no big secret to how to apply the oil, other than just
    to wipe it on.
    Just make sure that the cutting board becomes saturated
    and that means front and back.
    (SINGING) Just oiling my board.
    This is not a once and done process.
    Eventually, you're gonna have to reoil it
    and that depends on how often you use it.
    But the things to look out for are blotchiness on the board
    and cracks.
    Cracks harbor bacteria.
    Once you have cracks between the pieces,
    it's time to throw it away and get a new one.
    I'm going to let it sit out for about 24 hours
    and absorb before using it.
    Now, that my cutting board is protected and dry,
    I can safely use it the right way to cut
    some chicken for my barbecue.
    Although, I should have a sharper knife.
    Chicken strips?
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