How to Build a Travois | Surviving in the Wild

How to Build a Travois | Surviving in the Wild
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    In this video we show you how to make a travois.
    A travois is a pull sled that was
    originally used by the First Nations to transport one's Goods
    You could use this
    in a survival situation to transport an injured or extremely sick person to a
    safer location or to cross a portage on a canoe trip
    Or in our case to transport
    heavy logs for our fire and building materials for our shelter
    That's right, let's show you how we built this one
    The only tool we'll be using to build this
    travois is our knives.
    To construct this travois you're gonna need two
    12 to 15-foot hardwood poles.
    And four cross poles range from 5 feet to 3 feet
    tapering in length
    With strength and stability in mind look for intersecting
    branches off of your main structure in your cross poles to add to the strength
    and durability of your travois.
    We're gonna be using two knots to lash our
    cross poles onto our structure of our travois. The first knot is called an
    overhand slip knot and all I'm going to be doing is making a loop with my
    cordage going around that loop in my main finger tucking the tag end through
    the loop, pulling through tightening that up and what that does is it gives me an
    adjustable noose that I can either make smaller or bigger
    Then all I'm gonna do
    is take my tag ends and do what's called a cross wrap and this is going to help
    secure my cross pole to the actual structure at this point I'm just going
    to cross over
    that way I'm getting a full cross wrap
    So now that I got a solid lash I'm just going to be going around doing what's
    called frapping and that's taking the cordage and going between the brace pull
    my cross pull and the cordage that's already on.
    And the last knot that I'm
    going to be showing you is called a surgeon's knot and this is a basic knot
    and all you're gonna do is do an overhand knot once, twice
    I'm gonna pull tight to bind that lashing and then to secure it you're
    just gonna do another overhand knot
    If you don't have any cordage with you
    you could take a shoelace or a strap or something from a coat or you could dig
    up some root these are spruce root that we split in
    half and they also work as lashing
    We'll give that a nice smooth bottom
    so that it drags a little easier
    Alright let's see if this thing actually
    can pull a human
    So assuming I'm injured or really sick and my partner here
    needs to take me to a safe location across a portage. Hit it let's see what we can do
    Just works really good
    All the way home please
    Oh he always forgets to
    peat out lightly
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