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How To: Become a Trusted Advisor

How To: Become a Trusted Advisor
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    - I'm dealing with their livelihood.
    If they don't trust me, then this relationship
    and this is process is not gonna work.
    [energetic music]
    - I wanna pay attention to, not just the person's business,
    but what their global goals are
    and their vision for their own life.
    - Getting to know your client, really doing
    an assessment, at the beginning of the project
    and asking the questions of, "Where are you?
    "What are your needs? Where do you wanna go?"
    - They have to learn to trust you,
    they have to learn new systems.
    And we also had to learn to work together virtually
    and create this working relationship together.
    - Chris looked at me and said "Well, you're
    "so much more than a bookkeeper.
    "This is so much more.
    This is what I need. I need all this."
    - Us accountants being experts in the products
    that we deliver, that strengthens this relationship,
    and it says that "Am I a partner that they can give up?"
    Absolutely not.
    - Can we create meaningful reports and meaningful
    dashboards to our clients so that all of this stuff
    over here finally makes sense and they can make
    really great business decisions--
    - Strategic decisions. - Based on the dashboard.
    - We're able to translate all the historical
    information that we've transacted as bookkeepers,
    into real time data that can be used to
    help them make business decisions.
    - If you look at a client's perspective,
    they don't necessarily want to worry
    about accounting stuff.
    What they want to do is know that they have
    a trusted advisor that can really take care of it.
    - To me, that's important, to become
    that trusted advisor.
    To really meet them, listen to them,
    empathize with them, and then offer solutions
    to whatever their needs are.
    - Our customers say "Okay, wow, you are not
    "just offering us transactional bookkeeping
    "service, you're offering us real advice,
    as if you're part of our management team."
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